It’s Time to Say Goodbye for Now

As you all can probably tell, the blog has been put on the back burner for a while. While I enjoy blogging immensely, I’ve had the opportunity to start a new adventure with a new project. Between that and the chaos that is my RL these days, I don’t have time to give my blog the attention it deserves.

What is this new project? I’ve opened up a pose shop of my own called Positure Poses and I am REALLY excited about it. I’m having so much fun and hope to create some really interesting and artistic poses. Right now I’m only on Marketplace and have a small inworld store HERE (you’ll need to click the TP twice because there are no direct teleports on that sim).  In the next few weeks I will opening my mainstore on The Pea, which houses Cheeky Pea, Consignment and Tarte among others, and I am EXTREMELY excited about it! I’ll post here again once it’s up and running so you can stop by.

Here’s what I have out so far!

Say Something - Vendor v1

I'm Waiting - Vendor v1 hi res
Say Something - Vendor v1

I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting here as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Who knows, maybe I’ll pop in from time to time just for fun. 🙂

In the meantime, take care of one another.



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