Pose Appreciation Week: The End… or Just the Beginning.

As Pose Appreciation Week draws to a close, I think we all have come to a greater understanding of just how important our beloved pose makers are to us. I am hoping that this will not be the end, but the beginning of a more conscious effort by bloggers to credit the poses used in their posts; and also hopefully we’ve introduced you, the readers, to some fantastic pose makers you can stalk for your own personal posing needs!

For this last day I wanted to compile an “album” of some of my favorite poses that I’ve used in the past, have a look:

Cirque Dreams Pose/Prop by Bent!

Bent! Cirque Dreams / Live Through This

Love Me Pose Pack by Picture Me Pretty


Le Cube Prop/Pose from Bent!

Maitryea and Maxi collage

She’s Crafty Pose Pack by Exposeur

The Right One

Rocket Woman by Hopscotch!


There are really so many that I love, this is just a smattering. I hope you enjoy! If you want the styling credits, click on the photo and it will take you there!


Shiloh ❤

Fashionable and Versatile Second Life Fashion!

J.H. Couture has really brought her A-Game to the table. I have yet to see leather texturing as realistic as her latest leather jacket and skirt combo. Especially the skirt. It looks like that expensive soft leather with the heavy threading and I am never taking it off. Ok, I will take it off once it starts to smell… but ONLY then! *winks*

Fashionable and Versatile

In the first outfit, I paired the J.H. Couture Lori Leather Skrit with one of the beautiful Ashima blouses from Zaara. The elegance of the blouse gives the outfit a classy, stylish look, and it happens to be available right now at Zaara’s location in CINEMA. It’s still going on, but hurry because it ends on the 27th and there is much awesomeness to be had!

Fashionable & Versatile

In this next outfit I paired the same skirt with one of the sexy leather jackets, also from J.H. Couture. Underneath I added a playful leopard camisole from Grasp to give the outfit an edgier look. The jewelry on this one is from Maxi Gossamer, and kicks the sassiness up a notch, I think.
Fashionable and Versatile

On both outfits I’ve worn the simply-freaking-gorgeous Selene boots from Lassitude & Ennui. I’m going to pretend they’re named after me. *grins* Not gonna lie, these are probably my favorite finds right now. They’re also available at CINEMA.

Fashionable and Versatile

Happy shopping!

Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

– Both Outfits –

Skin & Shape: Izzie’s | Fuyu (Sunkissed)

Lashes: Al Vulo | Mesh Lashes

Skirt: J.H. Couture | Lori Mesh Pencil Leather Skirt

Tights: Izzie’s | Sheer Tights

Boots: Lassitude & Ennui | Selene Mesh Boots | CINEMA

– PICS 1 and 2 –

Hair: D!va | Maya (group gift)

Blouse: Zaara | Ashima Blouse (lavender) | CINEMA

– PICS 3 and 4 –

Hair: D!va | Naomi (group gift)

Camisole: Grasp | Loose Style Cami/Leopard

Jacket: J.H. | Tina Mesh Leather Jacket (comes with choice of gold or silver hardware)

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer | Katerina Earrings and Necklace (gold)

Poses: (1 and 4) Bent! | Behind

Live Through This

“Everytime that I sell myself to you, I feel a little bit cheaper than I need to.”

“If you live through this with me I swear that, I will die for you. And if you, live through this with me I swear that I will die for you.”

I’ve been digging back into my 90’s musical roots this past week and ran across the song “Asking For It” off of Hole’s Live Through This album. I don’t know if you all know much about Courtney Love’s past, before she became front-woman of Hole, but she lived a very, very tumultuous life. She was poor, she was an outcast and she was love-starved to be sure.

At one point in her young adult life, she was even a stripper abroad, in Tokyo, I believe. Don’t quote me on that, but I know it was somewhere in Asia. From there, to tagging along on the heels of Liverpudlian musicians until she wore out her welcome, to the sad tragedy of her husband’s suicide. Courtney’s tale is sordid and sad.

Bent! Cirque Dreams / Live Through This

When Catherine Fairport of Bent! came out with the Cirque Dreams prop for the FAIR event, Courtney’s song and Catherine’s prop conspired and inspired the photograph above. When photographing this one, I wanted to try to do something a little more artistic than in my past photos to enhance the drama of the pose/prop itself. I don’t often ask you to click through the photo, but this one should really been viewed on a dark background.


Shiloh ❤

In This Photo

Pose: Cirque Dreams Pose/Prop by Bent! for FAIR

Skin: Leah Skin from EnvyMe exclusively for Fairy Closet

Outfit: Zita Leotard in Blue from Spankies

Hair: Editorial01 Hair from LeLutka


Clearly I Cannot Wait for Autumn

You know back in the day when it was the “thing” to get your “colors” done? Well, I was an autumn. To this day, I still get giddy when the air starts to turn crisp and the kiddies go back to school. In my worlds, all of them, Autumn pretty much rocks.

That’s why I had such a hard time choosing which of the Aux Mullet Tops to choose from at Collabor88, because they all had that sort of Autumn hue going on. I settled on the Salmon color because it matched these awesome pumps by Handwerk I picked up (also at Collabor88).

Everyone and their brother has been showing this awesome shirt with a pair of skinny jeans, but I took these pictures on Sunday and I didn’t plan on leaving the house, so I didn’t bother putting on pants. Yes guys, sometimes we girls like to sit around in our undies too!

Sometimes… we even wear heels.

❤ Shiloh



What I’m Wearing

Hair: Amandine Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills

Shirt: Mullet Top in Salmon from AUX for Collabor88

Necklace: Butterfly Jewelled from Maxi Gossamer

Undies: Frilly Little Knickers in ZOMBIE from Whippet & Buck

Shoes: Rose Pumps in Tangerine from HandWerk for Collabor88

Pose: One of the “Simply” poses from BENT

M&M’s: Maxi & Maitryea!

While I was at the lovely Miss Kaelyn’s photo studio the other day, I saw a pretty girl wearing the coolest tunic dress ever. I will admit, I was eavesdropping when a her friend asked her where she got it and she said that magic word “Maitryea.”

As soon as the shoot was over, I tp’d over and picked one up all for myself. On my way in to the mesh part of the shop, I couldn’t help but notice the “70% off for group members” sticker on a pair of boots that matched the tunic PERFECTLY. And guess what? I just happen to be a group member! Lucky me!!

Maitryea and Maxi collage

Now for the accessories! My new go-to accessory shop for all things fabulous is Maxi Gossamer. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous this jeweled butterfly necklace was. I felt like I could reach out to my screen and touch it. Because this outfit is all about the fabulous, I also had to add the glamourous shades. And no glamour-puss would be seen w/out her boho bag and her very intellectual reading materials which, FYI, is actually the shopping bag that Liv-Glam’s XY Room contribution comes in. No – Lie. Not too shabby huh? 😉

That’s all for now, meet ya’ll back here soon!

Shiloh ❤

What am I Wearing?

Skin: Estelle Skin (T3) Apparence Skins & Shapes

Shape: My own

Hair: Lilia (Blood) Truth

Freckles: Ricelli Freckles

Sunglasses: Positano from Maxi Gossamer

Earrings: Kizzy Gypsy Hoops from Maxi Gossamer

Necklace: Jeweled Butterfly from Maxi Gossamer

Outfit: Xarra Tunic from Maitryea

Boots: Radical Boots from Maitryea

Prop & Pose: Le Cube from Bent

P.S. I took some cute pics of me and my bestie with different poses inside this prop because it’s so freakin’ cool! Here’s one of them!

&nbspM & M BFFs.png