We’ll Make the Great Escape

Sun, sand and romance. That’s what Pixel Mode’s new Lake House is made for. From the beautifully designed deck, to the sweet bed and luxurious shower, it’s the perfect place to escape to and recharge your batteries with someone you … Continue reading

Atooley Hunting for Winter and Other Goodies!

I’ve been a slacker lately, and for that I apologize. RL has gotten heavy and I have been a bit busy there. I will try and keep you all as fashionably up to date as I can, but know that I might not be quite as “chatty” in my posts, or blogging quite as much.

So, let’s catch up shall we? Here are a few goodies from the Atooley Hunting for Winter Hunt!

Atooley Hunt and Stuff

Hunt Gift:

Picture Me Pretty | Winter Stroll (pose only)


Gazebo | A.D.D. Andel

Wreath | Circa

Pine Cones | Circa

Candle Basket | Circa

Stone Walkway | LAQ Decor

Snow Dome | Tulips Snowdome 2.0



Hunt Gifts:

Cat Hat | Cutz

My Beloved Deer Jewelry | Sweet Leonard


Arcade Tales #7 | Flowey


Pillows | Sway’s (part of the Yuka set)

Blue Books | Flowey (the cute “boxes” her poses come in)

Hot Chocolate | Sway’s

Teddy Bear | Damo’s Friendship Bear

More coming… stay tuned!


Skin: Izzie’s | Geanna Frostbite | Collabor88

Shirt: Razorblade Jacket | Smart Wool 1/2 Sweater

Pants: 1 hundred | Comfy Yoga Pants

Slippers: Epicosity | Part of the Reindeer PJ’s from the With Love Hunt

Hands: SLink | Mesh Hands



Calling All You Angels

I love volunteering and helping people in my real life.  I don’t see why my Second Life has to be any different. I wouldn’t call it being selfless because, let’s face it, helping people makes me feel good! So, I definitely get something out of the bargain.

Today I’m issuing a call out to all of you, take some time tonight, or tomorrow and spend some time doing something kind for someone else. Whether it be volunteering some time, donating some money, purchasing items that benefit a worthy cause, or even just a kind word to someone who needs it, and may not be expecting it. I promise you’ll reap some hefty rewards. DOING GOOD, FEELS GOOD!


You can do some good for one of our own by visiting the Together for Sway event which begins on the 15th. Sway Dench, herself, created the beautiful angels you see pictured here. They perfectly invoke the spirit of the holidays, and are adorable enough to be left out all year ’round, just to remind you that there are angels out there. The necklace is another creation for TFS, from Noodles (I put the vendor ad below so you could get a closer look), and the hair is from Exile and is called “Sway My Way.” How cute is that? All of these items can be purchased at the Together for Sway event! For more info, click HERE.

Noodles - Have A Heart Collection

Noodles – Have a Heart for Together for Sway


I also wanted to show off my new outfit from J.H. Couture. I LOVE buying things in Second Life, that I would wear in real life, and the Haifa outfit is definitely one of those. The skirt is the perfect length, not too long, and not hoochie short, which allows you to show a little skin with the low backed sweater. I’ve added Izzie’s black tights and the boots from Intrepid that I can’t seem to stop wearing 🙂 The look is comfy, yet sassy. Just the way I like it!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more goodies!



In This Photo

Skin: Izzie’s | Geanna Frostbite Skin | Collabor88

Hair: Exile | Sway’s Way | Together for Sway (opens Dec. 15th)

Outfit: J.H. Couture | Haifa Skirt and Backless Sweater Outfit

Tights: Izzie’s | Sheer Tights (black less sheer)

Boots: Intrepid | Knit Ugg

Necklace: Noodles | Have a Heart Necklace | Together for Sway (opens Dec. 15th)

Angels: Sway’s | Sway’s Angels | Together for Sway (opens Dec. 15th)

Pose: Adorkable | #4 from Advent Gifts

Trying to Get Into the Spirit

The holidays are always a little rough around my RL household. I truly hate being away from my daughter during the holidays. Then my step-daughter, who has just turned 17 and has proven to be more of a handful than I ever thought she would be, often chooses the holidays as the perfect stage to perform her very own drama. It makes me want to throw in the towel and skip the holidays all together.

You see, when I was growing up my family was extremely close. Our holidays were FULL of traditions. Every year the day after Thanksgiving my dad would drag all of the Christmas stuff out of the attic and the fun would begin! My VERY important job was separating the branches of our artificial (I was allergic to real one’s) Christmas tree by the little colors painted on the metal ends. It was my job and I was brilliant at it! Next, my dad would start to put it together and I was his assistant. He would ask for a color, I would hand him a branch, it was very, very technical!

Next my mom would fluff the branches and string the lights before perfectly placing the delicate glass balls evenly throughout the tree. Then, she let us loose! We each had a box of ornaments that we had been painting year after year and we trimmed the tree like nobody’s business. It was an awesome tradition, and I swore that when I was grown-up and had a family, I would carry this tradition on. However, I guess things don’t always work out as we planned, hmm?


So, I decided to trim the tree in my Second Life home instead, thanks to this adorable pose/prop set from Sway’s, I was able to do so. Doesn’t it look lovely so far?


Oh! While we’re on the subject of Sway, I need to mention a very special event coming up called Together for Sway. Sway Dench, a beloved creator, is facing the removal of a tumor from her brain. This will leave her unable to work for a while and some of her amazing friends got together and organized a fundraiser to ease some of the financial burden that Sway will face. Click HERE for more information on the event.

Together for Sway | Second Life Fashion Blogs

Perhaps focusing on helping others will bring that ol’ Christmas spirit back!


Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Belleza | Wynter | Fifty Linden Fridays (Hurry you still have some time left!)

Hair: Wasabi Pills |

Lips: Izzie’s | Lipstick Natural

Jacket: Foppish | | Group Gift

Turtleneck: Fri.day | Turtleneck

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Santa Fe Necklace | FaMESHed

Skirt/Leggings: ColdLogic |twist.snow

Boots: GoS | Triumph

Hands: SLink | Mesh Hands (Casual)


Pose: Sway’s | Christmas Tree Decorating

Gift Boxes: {what next} | Gift Boxes

Tree Skirt: Lunaria | Quilted Red and Green Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt

Gacha! This Ain’t Disney Land…

I meant to post this yesterday, but, to be honest, I was just too darn tired! However, I hope you will find this cute little outfit was worth the wait!

I have caught the Gatcha! fever. Maybe not to the extent of some of my friends and peers, but I’ll admit, I’m amused! I decided to mix up a few pieces from the Arcade Gatcha event that is happening RIGHT NOW with a few Gatcha prizes from one of my favorite shops.

While trying to find a place to take my photo, I stumbled across a brand new fully interactive roleplay sim that opens on Monday! It’s called the Midtown West District and I think it’s going to bring roleplay to a whole new level in SL. So if you are into urban/city roleplay you should definitely check it out!


The Maxi Gossamer Candy Love Hearts necklace has to be one of my favorite pieces from The Arcade. I love that Maxi puts so much thought and effort into each little detail on her jewelry, and this is no exception. The Gatcha Machine has 10 different colors, with the black one being the most rare.

MG - Necklace - Candy Love Hearts

I’m also wearing the super cute mouse ears from AUX. Their machine has 12 variations of normal ears, and 4 variations of the “special” “rare” sparkly ears which I MUST HAVE! *coughs* Ahem… sorry for my loss of composure there.

Last but certainly not least, I’m wearing a few super cute items from the Gatcha Machine at Sway’s shop. The kitty cat tank top and the wooden bangles are two prizes I will treasure! I cannot say enough good things about this place. Everything is so well done, and simply adorable. I should also mention that while Sway Dench is an amazing creator, she is also a SUPERB blogger! You can check out her blog here!

Here is Sway’s contribution to The Arcade event. I am seriously going to go broke trying to get each and every piggy bank!!

The Arcade starts today and goes through October 15th!


Skin: Izzie’s Faith Skin in Natural (Sooo love this skin!)

Hair: Astrid Streaked (espresso) Truth

Shirt: Sway’s Happy Kitty Tank Top (Red) from her Gatcha Machine at her shop

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Candy Love Hearts for The Arcade Gacha Event

Skirt: .:cheeky:. Mesh Shorty Ruffles Skirt! dotted Black for XYRoom 

Bangles: Sway’s Wooden Bangles – red – Also from the Gatcha Machine at her shop

Ears: Auxillary Mouse Ears for  The Arcated Gacha Event

Boots: [ SAKIDE ] Ugg Snow Boots