50 Shades of Sexy: Week 2 – Better than Chocolate

“Your love is better than chocolate, better than anything else that I’ve tried” ~ sarah mclachlan

I’m having a horrible time thinking of things to write for these 50 Shades posts because, in my opinion, the photos speak for themselves. The goal of this challenge began as a way to highlight some of the lingerie available in Second Life. For me it has turned into something so much more… a way to express myself and my sensuality. It will be interesting to see where this journey takes me…

50 Shades of Sexy: Week 2

Waiting for him. 

50 Shades of Sexy: Week 2 Pic 2

Definitely better than chocolate… 

What Ian the Malt is Wearing

Skin: Belleza | Dylan

Hair: Redgrave | Tyler

Briefs: Zed | 50 Shades Boxers

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Izzie’s | Ginevra

Hair in Photo 1: DeLa | Molleux

Hair in Photo 2: EMO-tions | Windblown

Lingerie: Cynful | Deliciousa in Brown

Breasts in Photo 2: Lush | Mesh Breasts v3

Boots: J.H. Couture | Robyn Over the Knee Boots in Choco

Hands: SLink | Mesh Hands

The Scene

PILOT | Miller Dresser | Four Walls Hunt

PILOT | Miller Positive Words A to C | Four Walls Hunt

Neotoy | Mesh Ottoman

Sancutaire | Lanterns | Four Walls Hunt

What Next |Charlotte Candle Set

What Next |Hairbrush and Book

What Next | Nieve Bed

*Kukuvaya* |Norah Skybox | Four Walls Hunt

Single Pose: DLuxx | I do believe in fairies

Couple’s Pose: Indecent Exposeur | I gave you all

Finding Peace in Solitude

My RL home has become a bit crowded lately and am increasingly missing the days of solitude I used to enjoy. I know it’s only temporary, a year and a half or so at best, but still it takes some adjusting. I miss being able to slip on my favorite comfy shirt and lounge around enjoying my peace and quiet. I don’t know about you all but having people constantly in motion around me makes it difficult for me to focus, difficult to breathe…

Finding Peace in Solitude

Above you can see I’m lounging around on a cozy rug that’s a part of Prism Furniture’s Immerse Yourself Set for the Four Walls Hunt.

Today I stole a little time inworld to relax and center myself. I hope you all find time to do the same.

The Scene

Furniture: Prism | Immerse Yourself Set | Four Walls Hunt

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Belleza | Melissa

Hair: Truth | Havanna

Shirt & Lingerie: Somina | Pinned Courtesan

Hands: SLink | Mesh Hands

Feet: Skifija | BareFeet v7.0


Long Cold Winter

The Four Walls Hunt is in full swing! The cozy scene below is comprised of mostly items from the hunt. Remember, this is a $20L hunt so all of the photos and links are featured on the Four Walls Hunt blog and you can go and pick up the items that you truly love.

The Long Cold Winter

The structure itself is the Mountain Emergency Shelter from Domineaux Effect. The awesome hockey wall art and picture frames are from Cheeky Pea and the telephone side table is from the Strawberry Box.

Long Cold Winter Pic 2

The color change ottoman is from Mudhoney and the chair, rug, games and calendar are part of a set from Cleo Design. It also includes the chair and work table below!

Long Cold Winter Pic 3

Check out the blog, grab the LM’s and enjoy the hunt!



The Scene

Mountain Emergency Shelter | Domineaux Effect | Four Walls Hunt (20L)

Jones Wall Art | Cheeky Pea | Four Walls Hunt (20L)

Meredith Ottoman | Mudhoney | Four Walls Hunt (20L)

Sofa, Chair, Work Table, Tray and Games | Cleo Designs | Four Walls Hunt (20L)

Telephone Side Table | The Strawberry Box | Four Walls Hunt (20L)

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Izzie’s | Ginevra

Hair: Truth | Edith

Sweater: Mimi Noire | Sweater Dress

Leggings: Izzie’s | Nordic Leggings

Boots: Intrepid | Ugg Boots

Hands: SLink | Mesh Hands

Breakfast for Two

Since I am now diving into the world of blogging Second Life home goods, as well as Second Life fashion, I thought I would share a few recent favorites.

Circa Thistle Floor Plan What Next

The focal point of the room is definitely the cozy breakfast table from Circa. I especially love the steaming hot cup of coffee! The cute shelving unit in the back is from Floorplan for the upcoming Four Walls Hunt, beginning January 17th! For more information on this uber high quality hunt click HERE.


Table, Chairs and Food: Circa |Winter in Paris Breakfast Table

Rug: What Next | Novelle Rug

Wall Art: Thistle Hope | Never Give Up Wall Art

Shelves: Floorplan | Valena Cubby | Four Walls Hunt

Vases: Circa | Gold Sun Vase Trio