Basic B*tches: A Skittles Meme

Ms. Unicorns and Rainbows herself (Skittles) decided that she was going to give us a meme to chew on and this is one that I actually found quite easy to do! Our mission, to blog about the basic items we … Continue reading

She’s an Artist, He’s an Artist, Wouldn’t You Like to be an Artist Too?

I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve not blogged in almost 2 weeks. Sometimes I get into a blogging funk and nothing seems right. Every picture I take, or sentence I write seems to fall flat.  Welp, I’ve had the song “All Alone” bu … Continue reading

I Will Be Chasing the Starlight


Far away
This ship is taking me far away
Far away from the memories
Of the people who care if I live or die

I will be chasing the starlight
Until the end of my life
I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore

Hold you in my arms
I just wanted to hold
You in my arms

My life
You electrify my life
Let’s conspire to ignite
All the souls that would die just to feel alive

But I’ll never let you go
If you promised not to fade away
Never fade away

Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations
Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Glam Affair | Luria Skin 10 | Arcade

Hair: Alice Project | Saru

Dress: Paisley Daisy | Purity Sheer Ethereal Gown

Necklace: Sigma Jewels | Deco Necklace Purple | Lavender Hill Hunt

Antlers: Glam Affair | Slice of Paradise | Arcade

Eyes: Curio | Tragic Eyes Ocean

Hands: SLink | Mesh Hands

Feet: Gos Boutique | Mesh Feet

Here’s to the Nights We Felt Alive

There is just something magical and powerful about putting on a sexified dress and going out and shaking my little tushie on the dance floor.

Girls Night Out - Me and Maci <3

It really is one of my favorite things to do in RL and SL! And when you get to do it with a friend, it’s even more amazing! My dear friend Maci of Little Miss Fashion Cupcake and I got all dolled up and hit the floor – but not before stopping for a little photo op using oOo Studios Friends Seven pose! It’s a part of a whole series of seriously cool friendship poses. You should definitely grab your pals, dress to the nines  and strike a pose!

Have fun and take care of each other!

Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Izzie’s | Harlow Skin (caramel)

Hair: DeLa | Jules Mesh Hair

Eyes: Curio  | Tragic Eyes (Ocean)

Makeup: Izzie’s | Lipgloss

Izzie’s | Harlow Eyeshadow in Frost

Izzie’s | Harlow Freckles

Panda Punx | Eyeliner 4

Dress: ColdLogic | Manza Cornflower

Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer | Khaleesi’s Temptation

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Khaleesi’s Temptation

Shoes: Gos Boutique | Grace Heels

What Maci is Wearing

Skin: Glam Affair | Lilith

Hair: Lamb | Black Magic

Dress: Celoe | April Dress

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Moon Vine Necklace

Shoes: Gos Boutique | Sophia Peep Toe

Tunage: Here’s To The Night | Eve 6 | Lyrics

Tomorrow is the Day!

Ok my little fashionistas, get ready… get set…and… well you can’t go yet but you’ll be able to hit Global Domination tomorrow! And don’t forget you have until Midnight tonight to get your passports from participating stores at half price!

Join the Global Domination Hints and Tips group inworld so you can be informed when the ticket booths are open and you are able to begin your adventure.

Two color versions of this gorgeous gown with various texturing options and matching jewelry from Indyra Originals are just some of the high quality prizes you’ll win if you fill up your passport and play the game!

Global Domination: Indyra Originals

Info on Global Domination HERE.

Passport Locations HERE.

More information and photos HERE.

Take care of each other.

Shiloh ❤


Skin: Izzie’s | Harlow | NEW

Hair: Truth | Angie

Eyeliner: Panda Punx | Eyeliner 4

Eye Shadow: Izzie’s | Harlow Frost Eyeshadow

Eyes: Curio | Tragic Eyes (Ocean)

Lipgloss: Izzie’s | Rust and Izzie’s | Lip Highlights

Dress: Indyra Originals | Darisha Gown (blush) | Global Domination

Jewlery: Indyra Originals | Adrift Earrings and Necklace | Global Domination

Viva La Vie Boheme!

I’ve been in kind of a funk lately and unable to snap out of it, no matter how hard I tried. The other night my friend Krisy decided to drag me off of my platform and give me just what the doctor ordered. A Second Life Fashion shopping trip that revolved around accentuating the adorable Deco mesh tutu she bought me! Honestly, nothing cheers a girl up more than shopping and tutus… except maybe the RENT soundtrack, shopping and tutus… but ANYWAYS!!!

See the results of our galavanting below!

Hey Mister, She's My Sister

Hey Mister, She’s My Sister

We got our shirts from Sn@tch. I don’t know why I don’t shop at Sn@tch more often, that is going to change!

Life's Too Short Babe and Time Is Flyin'

Life’s Too Short Babe and Time Is Flyin’

Our boots are the Triumph Boots from Gos. I am in absolute love with them and wear them every chance I get.

Viva La Vie Boheme!

Viva La Vie Boheme!

I had a total blast taking these photos.  My evening w/Krisy reminded me that my SL world is wide open, I just need to step off my platform and enjoy the ride!

Viva La Vie Boheme!

Take care of each other ❤


What I’m Wearing

Skin: Izzie’s | Harlow (Pale)

Hair: Truth | Astrid

Eyes: Curio | Tragic Eyes (Ocean)

Lips: Izzie’s | Lip Highlights

Eye Makeup: Panda Punx | Eyeliner Set | Black Only Event

Stockings: erratic | ripped stockings

Shirt: Sn@tch | Taylor Loose Tee

Skirt: DECO | MESH Her Tutu 

Hands: SLink | Mesh Hands

Boots: [Gos] | Triumph Boots

What Krisy is Wearing

Skin: Pink Fuel | Alyx (Vanilla) – Siren (aubbrow)

Hair: [e] | Only

Eyes: IKON | Eternal Eyes – Tundra

Stockings: erratic | ripped stockings

Shirt: Sn@tch | Taylor Loose Tee

Eyelashes: *GA* | Mesh Lashes Fantasia

Piercings: :Hebenon Vial: | Symmetry [Frost]

Skirt: DECO | MESH Her Tutu

Nails: Izzie’s | Metallic Gradient Nails

Boots: [Gos] | Triumph Boots

Poses: Glitterati

Heart Repair: Back in Black

Hi guys, I don’t know if you missed me, but I sure missed you all. I took a little mini-break for some heart repair. You know when two good people just aren’t good together anymore? Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. However I will not forget the 3 years of incredible memories we shared. I really can’t say one bad thing about him, and I wish him nothing but  happiness.
Back in Black collage

One of my friends said that I look like I’m in mourning in this photo. And I guess maybe I am … for what used to be.

Take care of one another ❤



What I’m Wearing

Skin: Izzie’s | Harlow | NEW

Hair: DeLa | Jules

Eyeliner: cheLLe | big night out

Eyes: Curio | Tragic Eyes (Ocean)

Lipgloss: Izzie’s | Lip Highlights | NEW

Dress: Shine | Mesh Wrap Dress | Black Only Event

Purse: Maxi Gossamer | Madame Midnight Purse

Scarf: Pixel Mode | Snow Leopard Scarf

Shoes: Gos | Grace | NEW

Pose: Embody | Footing Pose Pack | NEW