Busted and Bustin’ Out the Goodies!

Hi guys, I have been a baaaaad blogger by neglecting you, but believe me it was a much needed break. I am all rested up and ready to tackle the upcoming holidays!

The Scene

Here I am, totally busted while pigging out at the beautiful new Autumn Harvest Decor table from [Circa]. Simply click on one of the tasty treats on the table and you will receive a goodie of your very own. You can nom nom nom away all through the holidays!


Oooh look, a yummy piece of chocolate cake! And it’s mine… ALL MINE!

The Outfit

Today’s outfit is a hodge podge from different shops that I know and love and some new one’s too. D!va hair has fast become one of my favorite places for hair, and I’ve worn this Jina style for blogging before, but I keep going back to it because it’s so sweet and fresh. I’ve added the latest XY Room headband offering from .charme. to give it a festive touch. I just love it! My tunic is from Mimi Noire. Mimi Noire is a newer shop to me, and I am anxious to see what other goodies will come from them.  My necklace is from Maxi Gossamer. Honestly, I gush about Maxi’s stuff so much here and on Plurk, I don’t think there is really any more I can say except that her work is fantabulous!  I was first introduced to Apparence skins by one of Strawberry Singh’s blog posts and I have been a fangirl ever since. Each release is more lovely than the last, and the lips are just to die for. The pants are from J.H. Couture. I find myself wearing J.H. Couture almost daily, Jada is my goto designer for gorgeous, wearable and fashionable everyday clothing. Now for the boots. THESE BOOTS… are my new love affair. GoS has outdone himself, really. I love them so much that despite the dent in my pocketbook, I had to buy them in 2 colors!


That’s really all for now guys, but since I’m such a giver… I’ll share my cake with you. *grins*



Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Apparence | Emma

Hair: D!va | Jina

Headband: .charme. | Old Amulet | XY Room

Top: Mimi Noire | Ruffle Tunic

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | All Seeing Eye Necklace

Pants: J.H. Couture | Giselle Skinny Mesh Corduroy

Boots: GoS | Triumph

Lashes: MiaMai | Catwalk Lashes Glitter

Poses: *PosESioN* | Dolce Set | XY Room

The Setting

All: [Circa] | Autumn Harvest Fest Food Table

Who Will Tell My Fairy Tale?

“Every man’s life is a fairy tale written by God’s fingers. ” Hans Christian Andersen I love that quote. To me that means that inside each of us is a story, if we are just brave enough to let it be told. I’m trying to work up the courage to tell my tale, the beautiful and the sordid. It’s a scary thought… to lay one’s soul bare for all to see.  I’m hoping to sign up for a writers retreat this Winter and reach inside the dark crevices of my mind and extract those memories and string them all together. I’ll let ya know how that works out.


So, back to fashion. How cute is this hair from D!va? I am really in love with it. I just keep thinking of all the fun I can have by adding different hair ornaments to it! The shirt/dress is a sweet little thing from Anymore Flowery mesh shirt/dress for XY Room. In the photo above I paired it with the Giselle Mesh Cardigan from J.H. Couture so you can see how it will easily migrate from season to season. Now, about this skin from AUX. I saw a preview photo of it on Plurk and could hardly wait to get inworld to grab it up! The skin and hair are currently available at October’s Collabor88! Hurry and get them before they’re gone!


What I’m Wearing

Skin: Love Skin Medium in Spicy Flamingo by AUXillary for Collabor88

Hair: Jina in Red Amber by D!va for Collabor88

Necklace: Indian Summer Love Bug by Maxi Gossamer

Shirt/Dress: Flowery by Anymore for XY Room

Cardigan: Giselle Mesh Cardigan from J.H. Couture

Tights: Knit Tights by INDI Designs

Boots: Suede Boots by CoCo (I think these were a group gift at some point)

Manic Creativity

This has just been one of those weeks. Go, go, go! Nonstop. However I wanted to show you this super cute new outfit from S U G A R being offered at XY Room! And yes, ladies the boots ARE included. I wore this out to a party the other night and everyone droooooled over the boots. You can’t see it really well in this photo, but if you click through you can see the pretty design on the boot. Yes, I should have taken a photo of the boots separately but as I’ve said.. this week was CRAZY in RL. Forgive?

You can tell how cluttered my brain is lately by looking at the photo below!


I also wanted to show you another skin from Curves Shapes and Skins. I really, really love the way these skins photograph. You can also get a better look at Maxi’s super cool Raven Skull necklace. I swear that girl has creativity coming out of her pores! I’m always so excited to see what she comes up with next.


I might be a little more quiet than usual over the next week, my mommy is coming for a visit! YAY! So my time inworld will be limited, but I will be back!


Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

  • Skin: Jane Fair from Curves Shapes and Skins
  • Shape: Izzie’s Faith Shape
  • Hair: Ula from Hinako Hair for XY Room
  • Outfit and Boots: S U G A R Old World Outfit for XY Room
  • Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Raven Skull Necklace and Earrings for SWAG Fest
  • Bow: .charme. Dotted Bow for XY Room
  • Nails: Izzie’s Glitter Nails
  • Poses: Bent Bloomgirl Poses

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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

When I was in my early 20’s, I was a singer in a local cover band. We fancied ourselves as the angsty messengers of our misunderstood generation and we gave it everything we had. Sure most of the time we played other people’s songs, but we did it with passion as if each and every word, note and riff came straight from our hearts. I still remember someone coming up to me after a set where I did a particularly snarly rendition of “You Ought-a Know,” of Alanis Morrisette fame, and asked me “how does someone so little and perky sing with such a strong, angry voice?” To me, the answer was simple, as soon as I stepped on to that stage, and felt the hot glare of the lights, I became someone else.


No longer was I that quiet young girl that wanted desperately to be accepted, with her innocent face and doe-like eyes. From the first count off, to the last round of applause… I became Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, possessed by the ghost of Courtney Love. And I loved it.


I’ll bet that ‘s probably the reason that I love SL so much. I get to step outside myself and slip into someone a little more creative. Mostly, I think it suits me.

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Faith in Natural with rust lipstick and gold eyeshadow by Izzie’s

Hair: Amandine in Black Coffee from Wasabi Pills

Shirt: Two Tone Slouch Sweatshirt by Mon Tissue for Collabor88

Pants: Jeans Bermuda by Ramel’s

Necklace and Earrings: Aletta Catwalk (open) in Gold by Maxi Gossamer for Collabor88

Boots: Radical in Suede Chamoisee by Maitryea

Eyeliner: V2 Black by Gaeline Creations

Nails: Glitter Nails by Izzie’s

Pose: Guitar Poses by Frozen Poses for XY Room

Some More XY Room Goodness in the Midst of My Crazy!

I’ve been dealing with an identity crisis in Second Life lately. Wanting to appease my own playful spirit, without rocking the boat too, too much. Fashion blogging allows me to step out of my comfort zone and try on different identities and styles, and the results are way too much fun!

With this outfit, I was going for a younger, hip type of vibe. Many of the items you see here are available at XY Room until the end of August.


I am not normally a bag person, I usually just end up giving myself a black eye when I carry one because my AO is extremely fidgety! However, I couldn’t pass up this beautiful bag from Rivendale.

The colors of the Rivendell Caprice bag compliment the myriad of colors in this sweet mesh dress by Wertina so well, I dubbed it a match made in heaven.


My skin and shape are from Panda Punx. The skin is a little more bold than I usually wear, but I thought it really fit perfectly with the outfit, and the shape was just too cute for words!

Do you sometimes need to step out of the box and try something new? XY Room is the perfect place to get your SL Fashion fix without investing a week’s worth of dough!

What I’m Wearing

Skin and Shape: Panda Punx Treena Shape * Nora Skin for XY Room

Dress: Wertina – Hanna Wildflowers Mesh – for XY Room

Bag: Rivendelle Caprice Bag for XY Room

Jewelry: Ear Candy – Just Breathe, Bangles, Bracelet and Earrings (comes in a nice set!)

Makeup: Kyoot Feline Dark Skin (Wood Smoke) and Fab.Pony Lip Tint – Warm Peach

Eyelashes: Mynerva GG Milnea Fitted Eyelashes

Hair: Truth Audrey in Espresso

Poses for the Femme Fatale

Has anyone seen the movie Salt? I am not really an Angeline Jolie fan, by any means, but I loved that movie! That is what I felt like when I was playing with these Pistol Poses from Frozen. Rebellious, wild and … Continue reading