We’re Just Birds Without Wings: The Boutique

Tomorrow is probably one of the best shopping days of the SL year so far! No, it’s not Black Friday.  Tomorrow The Boutique, a brand new shopping event featuring the most amazing Second Life fashion designers on the grid! As if that weren’t enough *fans myself profusely* Skin Fair opens tomorrow as well. Is that enough excitement for you??

The Boutique’s theme this month is Cherry Blossom, can you say prettiful!? Here are a few of my favorite things!

We're Just Birds Without Wings: The Boutique Collage

Pretty in pink, yes? I love everything about this dress from Peqe and they’re offering it in several different colors, but pink is my fave!

We're Just Birds Without Wings: The Boutique - Essences Skin
The Essences skin I’m wearing is also being featured at The Boutique, isn’t it stunning? I didn’t photoshop the picture at all so you could get a good idea of just how beautiful this skin is, without any magic!

The Boutique opens on Friday, so stay tuned for your limo and for more Skin Fair goodies tomorrow! For more information on the event itself check out The Liaison Collaborative!

Happy shopping and take care of each other!

Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Essences | Semiluna (Light Rose) | The Boutique

Hair: Truth | Cheyenne

Dress: Peqe | TLC Dress | The Boutique

Jewelry: Cae | Sakura | The Boutique

Shoes: G Field | Alex Strap Shoes

Poses: !Bang | Carefree | The Boutique

The Simple Things

Sometimes it’s nice to walk around SL and experience the simple things in life. My friend Kae’s sim It Starts With a Smile allows you to do just that. Kae (and I’m guessing that craxy Maxxster had something to do with it too) put an incredible amount of thought into each and every detail and the position of each adorable prop. It is now one of my favorite places in SL. Thank you for creating it!

Simple Things 1

The lovely fountain! I thought this was the perfect location to show off my new goodies from Collabor88! This outfit from Nylon Outfitters is absolutely adorable.

Simple Things 4

One scoop or three??? THREE! – The Fluidity poses by !Bang are still available at Zodiac, but only for a few more days! So hurry up and hit the !Bang kiosk while you can!

Simple Things 2
The centerpiece and inspiration for this entire outfit was the GORGEOUS new skin from AUXillary out now at Collabor88. It comes with 2 skins, one with light brows and one with dark. I am absolutely in love with it. The picture above is completely unedited so you can see how it would actually appear inworld! Stunning!

Take care of each other and Happy Shopping!

Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

Skin: AUXillary | Love (Fair) New Romance | Collabor88
Lashes: Curves Shapes & Skins | Lashes 3

Hair: D!va | Flora | Collabor88

Outfit: Nylon Outfitters | Shabby Chic Sweetheart | Collabor88

Earrings: Maxi Gossamer | Keshi Pearl Heart Earrings | Collabor88

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Keshi Pearl Heart Necklace | Collabor88

Shoes: G Field | Alex Strap Shoes

Poses: !Bang | Fluidity | Zodiac

She’s So Fabulous!

Isn’t she just? One last little photo of fabulousness before I disappear into holiday-land. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, whichever you celebrate!
Love, peace and happiness to you all.

xoxo Shiloh

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Belleza | Melissa

Dress: J.H. Couture | Nadine

Hat and Collar: Maxi Gossamer | Babushka Fur Collar and Hat

Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer | Monaco Nights Bracelet

Sunglasses: Maxi Gossamer | Positano

Shoes: Floral Pumps | G. Field

Pose: Hopscotch | Envy Me Pose Pack

A Shopping We Will Go!

Another one of those days where I just want to show you pretty outfits and credits.

A Shopping We Will Go!



What I’m Wearing

Skin: Belleza | Melissa sk

Hair: Tameless | Estelle

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Pearls (Colour Mixing Necklaces)

Sweater: J.H. Couture | Fernanda Mesh Shirt

Skirt: Pixel Mode | Sami Suede Skirt

Purse: The Secret Store | Tiny Satchel Raven | The Arcade

Shoes: Pixel Mode | Audrey Leather

Hairband: .charme. | Black Lily

Ring: Maxi Gossamer | Gigi Shimmer Bow

Pose: Exposeur | Prima Donna set



What I’m Wearing

Skin: Chloe | Anna | Winter Fair

Shape: Izzie’s | Geanna Shape

Hair: Wasabi Pills| Amandine

Earrings: Alice Project | Snowflake Earrings | Advent Gift

Outfit: Chloe | Hazel (Ruby) | Winter Fair

Tights: INDI Designs | Knit Tights

Shoes: G Field | Sophia

Pose: Adorkable | Dramatic Leo


This Silver Leaves Me Burning

Is my title obscure enough for you? It’s a lyric from a David Cook song. I had totally forgotten about him until tonight and I was looking for silver inspired music to go with this gorgeous outfit.

My Look #001

The Kendrah dress from J.H. Couture is going to be one of my favorites for holiday gatherings. I kind of bought the fatpack so keep those holiday party invitations coming, ok?!? The accessories are what really make this outfit pop. Maxi Gossamer never lets me down and she has just released two new stunning items for this round of FaMESHed; the playfully elegant FuFu Bag and the Paris Black Diamond jewelry ensemble. The bag is Maxi’s first attempt at a purse so let’s let her know we love it, and just how much we’d love to see more! Then there are the Eve shoes from G Field. These have become my “go-to” shoes for more formal attire and you can wear them with the flower or without, depending on the look you’re going for.

That’s all for tonight, I am simply exhausted! I hope you all have a wonderful night.


Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Belleza | Melissa sk

Hair: Vanity Hair| Romance

Eyes: Amacci | blue brown

Jewlery: Maxi Gossamer | Paris Black Diamond | FaMESHed

Purse: Maxi Gossamer | FuFu Bag

Dress:  J.H. Couture | Kendrah Strapless Peplum Dress

Tights:  Izzie’s| Sheer Tights Basics | FaMESHed

Shoes: G Field | Flower Pumps “Eve”

Pose: Exposeur | Pretty Princess