Enchanted Petite Hunt!

Riddle for you!  What is tiny but absolutely amazing? Well, besides me? The Enchanted Petite Hunt! This hunt, featuring gifts for our Lilliputian type avatars, runs through September 12th and features some extremely talented designers! I do have to give special kudos, tiny hugs and kisses to our  Second Life designer community. They have embraced the Petites, and other small avatars with their creativity in ways that allows the Petite community to better express ours!

Fair Warning: This is not a free hunt. Each item is 5L, but most are well worth it!

One of my favorite Petite shops is Sister Fate, Sifra and Dax consistently deliver quality pieces that are just too much fun to wear! Isn’t this gown just elegant? I wish you could see the movement of the foofy bits at the bottom, it looks pretty cool! If you would like to have this little slice of shimmery goodness for yourself, their shop is stop #3 on the Enchanted Petite Hunt, so you don’t have to go far!


My absolute favorite hunt gift so far (no, I’m not done.. I know I’m a slowpoke!!) comes from Kastle Rock Couture. I have always been a gypsy, in RL and SL. I love moving from place to place, fulfilling my wanderlust and seeking out new experiences. As such, this little gypsy outfit made me squee with mischievous delight! The outfit comes with large, gold, hoop earrings and a beautiful necklace. I love outfits that accessorize for me!! Of course the Irena hair from Boudoir provided just the right finishing touch with its untamed, wild and carefree waves.


Don’t miss out on the hunt, there are oodles of goodies to be had for your tiny selves! Although I might make one suggestion, I started the hunt as a Petite, and found the camming around for the gifties challenging. So much so, I might just finish it as a biggie. Is that cheating? 😉

Shiloh ❤

What Petite Me is Wearing

Photo 1

Avatar: Fallen Gods Royale Petite Avatar

Dress: Sister Fate Petites Queen Narissa Dress (EPH Gift)

Hair: Kendall Hair from Truth (Swedish)

Poses: That Girl #2 from Fluke

Photo 2

Avatar: Yabusaka Original Petite Fairy Avatar with Head Add-on D

Outfit and Jewelry: Gypsy Caravan in Berry by Kastle Rock Couture (EPH Gift)

Hair: Irena by Boudoir for Petites

Poses: That Girl #8 from Fluke

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