A Petite Princess

I have always loved Carrie Snowpaws creations. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a fangirl. As a matter of fact a while back I interviewed her for the [SL] Blogger Support site, and she just could not have been more gracious and charming!

Carrie has not only given us some of the most elegant and beautiful fantasy and formal fashions, but she has embraced the Petite community as well.

snowpaws-petites-gown collage

The dress above is just one of Snowpaw’s Petite offerings called the Petite Alainn Floret Silk Gown, and is just stunning. The skirt flows beautifully and notice the gorgeous lacework and daring back on this gown. Any Petite princess will truly be the belle of the ball in this piece.

What I’m Wearing

Dress: Snowpaws | Petite Alainn Floret Silk Gown

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Jewelled Butterfly (shrunken down to Petite size)

Hair: D!va | Jina (shrunken down to Petite size)

Chess Anyone?

I have to admit… I don’t play chess, as this post will readily show I’m sure.

But, this being our Second Life, we can fashionably glide across *as* any piece we want to be!

Today I’m feeling a little bit at odds with myself.  I have two main interests in SL and not enough time to devote to both.  I also feel like I’m at war at times…and alternating between light and dark.  So with a battle cry ringing in my ears, I give you two looks from the petite side of Bare Rose (or all things costumey and RP for so many of us).


On the side of light is the Cleric for male petite av’s from Bare Rose with June’s signature anime feel to it.  I never rip these apart to mix and match, because of how all the details already work so perfectly.  I think that any roleplayer who wanted to develop an ethereal angel would dig this. The Cleric reminds me of the Bishop piece..and my fellow Harry Potter fans will appreciate the desire to play on a life-sized board.  Included are all the bits like the headpiece, or tiara as it’s named in the folder.  One flappy wing set and one static set are both included along with boots for a very petite price.


If it’s true that the V2 petites are going to require their own sized fashions, I haven’t seen any proof of this for my male av yet.  So far I’ve put him into Dragansvarg and Bare Rose without any trouble.  Maybe it’s only different for girls?
Don’t forget that as a petite, we can’t exchange male and female torso pieces (which is usually the main component for the mesh outfit) because your male will end up with lady lumps. Little male me isn’t ready to be a Queen just yet.


Speaking of the girls… I had to get into the Centaur too, and add a horn to it, just so that I could name it my Knighticorn.  Ok yes, I’ve always loved horses and unicorns and centaurs, so playing both a bishop and a knight was the perfect fit for my chess themed evening.  The legs move when you walk with an included AO and there’s also the full lady outfit with boots and thigh straps if you don’t want to wear the rear end bit.  Centaurs weren’t meant to dance the way that I did, so unless you’re ok with six legs showing don’t try that!  Talk about a horse of a different color… *winks*  Here I’ve added a mesh sword and turned both the petite avatar and the costume on a low shine to get that marble look from head to hooves.


Knight to E5? I so need to watch that Bobby Fischer movie again.  Luckily playing both sides, I win either way 🙂

What both Petite Me’s are Wearing

Female RP Costume: Bare Rose Petite Night Centaur (with a horn that I made)

Male RP Costume: Bare Rose Petite Winged Cleric

Female Petite Avatar: The Plastik, in Lullaby tone

Male Petite Avatar: Yabasuka V2 Male

Female Hair: Tameless, Morganna (black and white pack)

Male Hair: Kin Keiko’s Ryou (white)

Poses: Built in Centaur AO, Gunkata’s from the former Niqotine (now closed)

Get shrunk!

Subversive Vavoom

All of you fashionable and fun Petite hauties out there do not want to miss the ShrinkyDink’s Something Borrowed Petite Hunt! Check out the details!

ShrinkyDink World for Small Avs

We invite you to participate in our

ShrinkyDink’s Sim-Wide Hunt,

during the month of September 2012!

WHERE: ShrinkyDink Petites RP Playground Hangout http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Celestial%20Realm/72/229/2512

The entire hunt is located at this sim so please follow the hints to get started.

WHO: Petites, Micros and Minikins

WHEN: September 1-30


Hunt officially starts Saturday, September 1st.  Your first gift is on us, and will be located at our landing point.   It contains your second gift’s hint.  We will be adding images of all gifts before the hunt starts!  All hints are listed here for your convenience:

First Hint:

A great big Button is What You Seek,
So look at the example on the poster for a peek.
We are petites, you too should shrink,
On the hints, you will need to think!
To teleport to…

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Though She be but Little, She is Fierce… Fashionably Fierce

Hi guys, it’s time for a quick, little Petite Fashion post once again! Today I’m showing off a sexy little number from Carriage Trade Miniatures called the Caribbean Dress.

I am totally in love with this dress. It’s elegant and playful and you can really pull off a high fashion look with it, which is NOT easy with a Petite.


I’m not sure if y’all are familiar with Carriage Trade Miniatures, and if you aren’t, you are missing out! I was talking to Shenlei, one of the creators, the other day and she told me that they have an inventory of 1800 items for Petites and other small, mesh avatars. That’s insane! I knew the shop was big, but I didn’t know it was THAT big.

The shop runs the gamut in Petite items, it’s really a must see!
I also wanted to mention these adorable poses. They are the XY Room offering from CO*Motion and they come in regular avie and Petite avie animations, which really rocks! Don’t forget the new round of XY Room starts Sept. 1st!

Shiloh ❤

What is Petite Shiloh Wearing?

Avatar: Yabusaka Petite Fairy Avatar with Head D Add-n

Skin: Angel (Dark) from Prim & Pixel

Dress: Caribbean Dress from Carriage Trade Miniatures

Shoes: FM Pumps from Carriage Trade Miniatures

Poses: XY Room special poses from CO*Motion

New Beauty from Sister Fate and Petite Shoes in Demand!

It’s no secret I’m a girlie girl, and I love to feel pretty. (Despite what my good friend Kenton said in her post yesterday, I do not make a habit out of kicking people around. Well… maybe only when they need it!) Ahem…when I am in Petite Shiloh mode, the designs from Sister Fate make me feel so girlie and feminine, I just can’t get enough of them.

sf blue dress_003_cropped.png

This is one of their newer releases  the Lani Dress. I wish you could see the way it moves and flutters, I love it! I’m also sporting a new Petite skin from Prim & Pixel called Angel Dark. I wanted something a little more realistic and a little less fantasy looking. I think it’s pretty nice looking on the Yabusaka Head D add-on for my petite.

sf blue dress_002_facecropped.png

sf blue dress_003_topcropped.png

The sparkling Sister Fate design comes with matching shoes which is a godsend, because as we all know, shoes are not in ample supply for Petites.

Goody Goody Two Shoes!

Speaking of Petite shoes, a little birdie told me that a brand new shop will be opening full of… you guess it… only Petite shoes! The pretty little Petite fashionistas have spoken, and Subversive Vavoom heard our cries! Not only are the shoes going to be incredibly affordable, but they are going to support a real life charity as well. Subversive released this today:

Little Miss Goody Two Shoes
Located at ShrinkyDink Petites RP & Hangout
Opening in September (tba)
Featuring quality sculpted and mesh footwear for petites and mircos

Our members of ShrinkyDink Petites RP will be able to snag 2 pairs of 1L shoes every month, with all other shoes costing only 22L per pair.  Special holiday releases in limited editions will also become available for 222L per pair.  Petite costuming and accessories also coming!

Designs will include heels, boots, sandals, vintage platforms, and much more.  Shoes with color tinting pieces will also include the Yabu shoe hud for easier wear and enjoyment.

To get your two pairs, please join our group by visiting the store.  Retired 1L shoes will be placed on the 22L wall and replaced frequently with new ones!
Little Miss Goody Two Shoes supports goodietwoshoes.org in first life, a charity that donates shoes and socks to children in need.

Now how about that? Ask and your shall receive, and you can even feel good about your purchase!! Subersive, or Hopper as her friends call her, has a heart of gold. ❤

Now, how about a little Adam Ant, huh? *grins*

Shiloh ❤

What is Petite Shiloh Wearing?

Skin: Angel Dark from Prim & Pixel

Outfit: Lani in Blue from Sister Fate

Hair: Tammy in Swedish from Truth (shrunk down with magic to Petite size!)

Poses: Adorkable – Shy pack – Fashion Voodoo

Feel the Funk and Get Into the Groove!

I guess it’s flashback to the 70’s day here at USLFB! Earlier Subversive took you to the disco with the newest outfit from AngelRae, and I’m about to get funky with a great Petites retro outfit from Avatar Bizarre!

I’m not gonna lie, I was totally channeling Jackie from That 70’s Show for this photo. The coolest part is that Sredni, the crazy cool creator for Avatar Bizarre, said that he got the inspiration for this outfit by watching that very same show!

Avatar Bizarre 70's

The thing I love about Avatar Bizarre is that the name really says it all… you will not find anything run-of-the-mill in Sredni’s shop. What you will find is fun, creative and reasonably priced merchandise for avatars of all shapes and sizes. His creations include anything from an outfit inspired by the god Anubis to Edward Scissorhands!

This particular Petites outfit called That 70’s Petite, comes in various different colors, I chose Coral here. I paired it up with a sculpty scarf that I downloaded from Linda Kellie’s website and textured with a cute polka dot texture. I thought it was just the right accessory!

Ok kids, I’m gonna go tune in to the FM and get my groove on. Can you dig it?

What is Petite Shiloh Wearing?

Avatar: Yabusaka’s Original Fairy Petite Avatar with Optional Head D

Outfit:  That 70’s Petite from Avatar Bizarre in Coral

Shoes: From B@R Nite Outfit

Hair: Wasabi Pills Petite Orion in Night

Pose from Frooti!

Daily Disco

My first guest blog post for petites is a peek into my newest bit of sparkle!  And we all like the sparklies, right?

When it’s time to step out, I’m on the look-out for unique petite creators who can combine the main elements that this outfit provides: unique textures and unusual cutouts.  I don’t want to show ALL of petite Subversive while at the disco, so this is just enough *grins*.  I can’t show off the gams in a long skirt, now can I?  And to cap it off, I have on my favorite petite peep toes in a matching silver satin for some more sparkle. (sooo addicted)

So far I have managed to snag two such outfits from Angel Rae’s Petites , that are both shimmery.  Tonight I’m showing you her latest called Leather and Lace, which is available in a pink, blue, or 8 other colors undershirt,  panties, shorts and skirt.  The lace detailing at the bottom of the shirt portion makes it softer, and the tops are in a soft pastel pallete.  On my darker skin (much too much time on the beach this summer), the lighter tones give it great contrast.  In my first shot you can see the pink one!

The outfit is of course, all mesh with sculpted accessories, which you’ll discover to be the case with many of the new petite items.  I can’t say enough about mesh…it’s just about the greatest thing since Windlight!  While you’ll see me sporting several different petite avatars, my heart belongs to The Plastik.  If you go looking for this avatar, head upstairs to her accessories floor via the lantern TP where you will find it ranging from practically ghost white to this lush dark tone called Lullaby.

While some of my friends call me the Queen of Shrink, I don’t always want to have to hunt for modifiable hair that may or may NOT go down to the right size.  Luckily this little disco diva has discovered that Lelutka’s hair almost always shrinks down perfectly to my petite size along with my $GaNKeD$ jewelry.

What Petite Me Wears to the Disco:

Dress:  Leather and Lace

by Angel Rae’s Petites

Hair: [LeLutka]-ADDISON hair – Arctic

by LeLutka

Shoes: SF* Petites Lucy Peep Toe Wedges – Silver Satin

by Sister Fate

Petite Avatar and Eyes: :[P]:-Petite://Body-Lullaby

:[P]:-Petite://Eye-L-Frozen Soul- Blue

:[P]:-Petite://Eye-R-Frozen Soul- Melon

by The Plastik

Poses: {Just A Pose} Fall Fashion Pose Pack

by Just A Pose

Eyelashes: Party Lashes (mesh) by Maxi Gossamer

Jewelry: $GaNKeD$ Nightdance Jewelry (no longer available, darn it)

and this just in…secret sale (100L) at Boudoir

Forgive this raw shot, as I snapped it just to show you super-quick!  it’s on sale for 100L at a limited time here:

Boudoir Petites

It’s animated *squee* with water and insects and fish! (prim skirt parts) called Petite Lake Nymph.

Wings included.  Run, don’t walk! or swim 😉

See you on the all new petites feed!!!