M&M’s: Maxi & Maitryea!

While I was at the lovely Miss Kaelyn’s photo studio the other day, I saw a pretty girl wearing the coolest tunic dress ever. I will admit, I was eavesdropping when a her friend asked her where she got it and she said that magic word “Maitryea.”

As soon as the shoot was over, I tp’d over and picked one up all for myself. On my way in to the mesh part of the shop, I couldn’t help but notice the “70% off for group members” sticker on a pair of boots that matched the tunic PERFECTLY. And guess what? I just happen to be a group member! Lucky me!!

Maitryea and Maxi collage

Now for the accessories! My new go-to accessory shop for all things fabulous is Maxi Gossamer. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous this jeweled butterfly necklace was. I felt like I could reach out to my screen and touch it. Because this outfit is all about the fabulous, I also had to add the glamourous shades. And no glamour-puss would be seen w/out her boho bag and her very intellectual reading materials which, FYI, is actually the shopping bag that Liv-Glam’s XY Room contribution comes in. No – Lie. Not too shabby huh? 😉

That’s all for now, meet ya’ll back here soon!

Shiloh ❤

What am I Wearing?

Skin: Estelle Skin (T3) Apparence Skins & Shapes

Shape: My own

Hair: Lilia (Blood) Truth

Freckles: Ricelli Freckles

Sunglasses: Positano from Maxi Gossamer

Earrings: Kizzy Gypsy Hoops from Maxi Gossamer

Necklace: Jeweled Butterfly from Maxi Gossamer

Outfit: Xarra Tunic from Maitryea

Boots: Radical Boots from Maitryea

Prop & Pose: Le Cube from Bent

P.S. I took some cute pics of me and my bestie with different poses inside this prop because it’s so freakin’ cool! Here’s one of them!

&nbspM & M BFFs.png

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It Can’t Rain All the Time: Gorgeous New Mesh Trench from Hoorenbeek

This week I was inspired by the weather here in my hometown, which normally includes sub-zero temperatures and snow-covered city streets. This Winter, however, it feels more like Spring, with rainy weather and warmer temps – not that I’m complaining. I wanted Shiloh and Jake to play the parts of one of the trendy power couples that I see walking the streets in the morning together, heading to their respective offices for the day. Let’s bring a little spring to Second Life fashion!

Second Life Fashion - Can't Rain All the Time

Second Life Fashion - Can't Rain All the Time

Just in time, Hoorenbeek came out with their all mesh men’s trench coat, and boy does it look incredible. I honestly don’t know how they do it. Their fabric textures just look so real, without looking out of place in a cartoon world, if you know what I mean. Some Second Life fashion designers use photos of real fabrics to texture their designs without any enhancement and for some reason they just look out of place to me. The shaping and shading of the mesh on this trench is impeccable and they provide plenty of sizes for fitting your male avatar. Variations of shirts to be worn only with the trench are included with your purchase, including turtle necks and business shirts. They also released this trench as part of an entire outfit this week, so stop by Hoorenbeek and check it out! I’ll be reviewing a few other new outfit sets from Hoorenbeek this week!

Second Life Fashion

The few issues my handsome model had were with the alpha layer rezzing and then us being able to see the mesh once he wore it. I’m pretty sure that’s an SL or Firestorm problem and not any fault of the designer. Does anyone out there have that problem as well? Sometimes it seems like we reach our “mesh allotment” and then the viewer says “uh-uh-uh… no more mesh for you!” At least until we clear cache and reload. That makes me sad.

Second Life Fashion

Shiloh has on a really sweet pencil skirt from Fashion Point. I don’t know if the mesh was pre-purchased full-perm or if it was created by the designer, but I DO know that I love, love, love the pinstripe fabric texture and the extremely realistic belt that is a part of the mesh creation. This skirt is perfect for any SL office environment. Paired with the My Darling blouse from Ero Rabbi and Hoorenbeek’s Pleaser boots, which come with 3 different styles of ornamentation on the top of the boot, she looks smart, sexy and sophisticated!

Second Life Fashion

What are your favorite Second Life fashion designs for the office? I’d love to hear from you!

What They’re Wearing:

Pose: Wet Cat – Raindrops Pose Set

Shiloh’s Skin: LAQ Thea Nougat

Jake’s Skin: Mark Goatie2 Eyeliner Normal Haired LaVie

Jake’s Trench Coat and Dress Shirt: [horenbeek]

Shiloh’s Blouse: Ero Rabbi – My Darling blouse

Shiloh’s Skirt: Fashion Point – Mesh Black Pinstripe Pencil Skirt

Shiloh’s Boots: Pleaser [horenbeek]

Jake’s Boots: Biker Boots (Night) Redgrave

Shiloh’s Hair: Exile Color Demo in Drift

Jake’s Hair: Radiant M05 (Midnight) LaQ

Shiloh’s Shape: Her own.

Jake’s Shape: His own.


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Color Me Humbled

A few weeks ago I was on a mesh hunting mission, trying to figure out what all the mesh fever was about in the Second Life fashion world. I went from shop to shop and marketplace click by click picking up demos to try. Needless to say my inventory was overflowing with demos which were a mixture of carbon copy pre-purchased mesh and incredibly stunning unique designs.

One of the items I picked up from Marketplace was an oh-so-sexy Shalini split dress from Mashooka that literally had me drooling from the photograph. To my disappointment, none of the 3 sizes even remotely fit my avatar. I would have to put Shiloh on a serious starvation diet in order to fit into the largest size. Now here is where it gets sticky… I left a one star review on the demo page stating that none of the sizes would fit my avatar, which is not an overly curvy avatar. About a week later I received an instant message from the creator, Aradhana Voight, asking kindly if I would reconsider my rating because it didn’t take into account the dress itself. Just the fact that it did not fit me. I will admit at first I was a little taken aback. Here I am up on my high horse doling out merits and reviews, how dare someone question my opinion on a piece. It IS MY opinion after all! (I jest, I am seriously not THAT egotistical lol) Then… I took a deep breath and took a look at it from the designer’s perspective. And, as difficult as it is to admit… I was wrong.

Was the dress gorgeous – YES! Were the textures beautiful and nicely shaded – YES! Would I have worn it if it had fit me. – YOU BETCHA! If I had answered no to any of those questions, then I probably wouldn’t have even considered looking at the dress. I needed to remind myself that the designers are learning too. This mesh thing is new to many of them, and has been quite an undertaking to learn, so a little patience is in order. So I swallowed my pride, put on my big girl panties and sent a message back to Aradhana. I was pleased to find that she was online. We had a  little discussion where I shared my epiphany with her and she was very pleased I came to that conclusion.

As it turned out, she had been collecting feedback on her mesh pieces and using them to create 3 additional sizes to add to her mesh sets. She sent me a copy the dress pictured here called Abheri wrapped dress that included the new sizes and low and behold, one of them fit with minimal adjustments to my avatar! I paired the outfit up with a bracelet and a stunning pair of earrings from Junk, and my stand-by stiletto pumps from Hoorenbeek. You can see for yourself the hard work and dedication Aradhana put into her design, and her concern for her customers satisfaction. So color me humbled by a Second Life fashion goddess who is willing to go the extra mile, not only for her customer, but to protect the reputation of her brand which she has so lovingly created.

What Am I Wearing?

Pose: Just a Hunch .jaH. There is no next time

Skin: LAQ Thea Nougat

Dress: Mashooka

Shoes: Hoorenbeek

Jewelry: Junk

Hair: Truth

Shape: mine 🙂

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