Beautiful Things for Together for Sway & Hunting for Winter

Some very pretty items from Together for Sway and Atooly’s Hunting for Winter. I think I am becoming a decor addict now!

Together For Sway - Homegoods


How amazing is the scrabble game from Apple Fall?

Together For Sway - Homegoods


Scarlet Creative | Letter Press Letters (sold individually) | Together for Sway

Thistle Homes and Decor | Never Give Up Wall Art | Together for Sway

Atooly | Winter Cozy Skybox Blue | Atooly Hunting for Winter

Dig | Snowflake Mobile | Together for Sway

Floorplan | Sway’s Pickett Shelf | Together for Sway

Alouette | Potted Paper Christmas Tree | Atooly Hunting for Winter

Apple Fall | Let’s Play Scrabble | Together for Sway

Art Dummy | Bed | Four Walls Hunt (old hunt gift, sorry)

Pose: Cheeky Pea | Bright Lights

Calling All You Angels

I love volunteering and helping people in my real life.  I don’t see why my Second Life has to be any different. I wouldn’t call it being selfless because, let’s face it, helping people makes me feel good! So, I definitely get something out of the bargain.

Today I’m issuing a call out to all of you, take some time tonight, or tomorrow and spend some time doing something kind for someone else. Whether it be volunteering some time, donating some money, purchasing items that benefit a worthy cause, or even just a kind word to someone who needs it, and may not be expecting it. I promise you’ll reap some hefty rewards. DOING GOOD, FEELS GOOD!


You can do some good for one of our own by visiting the Together for Sway event which begins on the 15th. Sway Dench, herself, created the beautiful angels you see pictured here. They perfectly invoke the spirit of the holidays, and are adorable enough to be left out all year ’round, just to remind you that there are angels out there. The necklace is another creation for TFS, from Noodles (I put the vendor ad below so you could get a closer look), and the hair is from Exile and is called “Sway My Way.” How cute is that? All of these items can be purchased at the Together for Sway event! For more info, click HERE.

Noodles - Have A Heart Collection

Noodles – Have a Heart for Together for Sway


I also wanted to show off my new outfit from J.H. Couture. I LOVE buying things in Second Life, that I would wear in real life, and the Haifa outfit is definitely one of those. The skirt is the perfect length, not too long, and not hoochie short, which allows you to show a little skin with the low backed sweater. I’ve added Izzie’s black tights and the boots from Intrepid that I can’t seem to stop wearing 🙂 The look is comfy, yet sassy. Just the way I like it!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more goodies!



In This Photo

Skin: Izzie’s | Geanna Frostbite Skin | Collabor88

Hair: Exile | Sway’s Way | Together for Sway (opens Dec. 15th)

Outfit: J.H. Couture | Haifa Skirt and Backless Sweater Outfit

Tights: Izzie’s | Sheer Tights (black less sheer)

Boots: Intrepid | Knit Ugg

Necklace: Noodles | Have a Heart Necklace | Together for Sway (opens Dec. 15th)

Angels: Sway’s | Sway’s Angels | Together for Sway (opens Dec. 15th)

Pose: Adorkable | #4 from Advent Gifts

So Many Events, So Little Time!

It seems that the holidays are prime time for special shopping events in Second Life! My head is spinning just a little, but I am going to try and sort it all out for you and give you the low down, so you can be sure to hit them all!

Together For Sway

First, an event near and dear to my heart, Together for Sway, which begins December 15th. Sway Dench is an incredibly talented creator here in SL. Her creations have brought a smile to my face on many occasion.  I have had the fortune of meeting her via Plurk this year and I can tell you the person behind the avatar is a very kind soul. Sway is in need of our help, and a few friends organized an event to help get her through a difficult time. You can read more about Sway, and the event HERE.

TFS - Event Poster

Relay For Life Christmas Expo

The RFL Christmas Expo is a yearly even that benefits the American Cancer Society. Not only are there enough creators/designers to fill up 4 sims, but there are tons of activities daily!

This week the is also the  2012 Breedable Collectors Auction!

Saturday, December 15th @ 2pm SLT
The Second Annual Breedable Collectors Auction
Streaming LIVE across Second Life!

Featuring an unequaled selection of One-of-a-Kind items from the biggest names in breedables, ALL in support of Relay For Life!


Please visit for more information!

The Atooly Hunting for Winter Hunt!


The Atooly Hunting for Winter Hunt has begun! Now through January 17th, explore the grid and gather fabulous prizes from some of your favorite designers!

Check out the official blog HERE for stores hints and starting points.

The New in 2013 Hunt!

New in 2013 Hunt Logo

The New in 2013 Hunt is coming! December 20th – January 20th! The theme for this hunt is new products that designers/creators will be planning on providing us with in 2013. Consider this a sneak preview of the awesomeness of the year to come! For more information and to keep up to date, click HERE.

PHEW! Ok guys, that’s it for today. Stay tuned this week for some sneak previews for all of these events!




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