Live Through This

“Everytime that I sell myself to you, I feel a little bit cheaper than I need to.”

“If you live through this with me I swear that, I will die for you. And if you, live through this with me I swear that I will die for you.”

I’ve been digging back into my 90’s musical roots this past week and ran across the song “Asking For It” off of Hole’s Live Through This album. I don’t know if you all know much about Courtney Love’s past, before she became front-woman of Hole, but she lived a very, very tumultuous life. She was poor, she was an outcast and she was love-starved to be sure.

At one point in her young adult life, she was even a stripper abroad, in Tokyo, I believe. Don’t quote me on that, but I know it was somewhere in Asia. From there, to tagging along on the heels of Liverpudlian musicians until she wore out her welcome, to the sad tragedy of her husband’s suicide. Courtney’s tale is sordid and sad.

Bent! Cirque Dreams / Live Through This

When Catherine Fairport of Bent! came out with the Cirque Dreams prop for the FAIR event, Courtney’s song and Catherine’s prop conspired and inspired the photograph above. When photographing this one, I wanted to try to do something a little more artistic than in my past photos to enhance the drama of the pose/prop itself. I don’t often ask you to click through the photo, but this one should really been viewed on a dark background.


Shiloh ❤

In This Photo

Pose: Cirque Dreams Pose/Prop by Bent! for FAIR

Skin: Leah Skin from EnvyMe exclusively for Fairy Closet

Outfit: Zita Leotard in Blue from Spankies

Hair: Editorial01 Hair from LeLutka


Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

Katya Valeska, an amazing blogger and person, blogged earlier about the pressure she puts on herself to blog, and how it can affect her inspiration. Let me tell you, she is not alone.

Writers, artists and creatives in general, wax poetic about one word – inspiration. It can be the wind beneath our wings, and the bane of our existence, depending upon how readily available, or how elusive it is.

As a former paid writer in RL, I can tell you the well of inspiration often runs dry and yet, you have to dig down deep, past the hardened crust, and into the muck to pull out something, ANYTHING to meet your deadline while keeping your reputation as a competent writer intact. You might think now that I am blogging for enjoyment, that the pressure would be alleviated and I’d have inspiration out the wazoo. It just isn’t so, inspiration’s a fickle little thing.

My newest ploy to defeat the reluctant muse, is to keep a dream journal. It’s just a simple notebook at my bedside. Each morning when I wake, eyes bleary and my gorgeous bed head sticking out in all directions, and I will write what ever details I can remember about the night’s dreams and nightmares. Whatever I can remember… it doesn’t have to be a novel. If I remember a color (I don’t care what science says, I dream in color… they’re ridiculous) or perhaps it’s the way I feel… what I call the residue of a dream… I’ll write that down too. Perhaps I’ll find some good imagery to produce a new photo, or the perfect sentence to start that short story I keep meaning to write. I haven’t yet, but I’ll keep on trying.

Our subconscious mind is far more creative than our waking selves. It’s bold, brave and uninhibited. Unlock it and discover what inspiration is hiding right there under your nose, or behind your eyelids.

Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Leah Skin Pinkys Fair by EnvyMe exclusively for Fairy Closet

Hair: Taleen Mesh Hair (black coffee) by Wasabi Pills

Outfit: Nixie (platinum) by Severed Garden

Pose: Fairy Crossing by WetCat for Fairy Closet

Location: Enchanted Unicorn