My Name is PinkiPoo!

HI! My name is PinkiPoo!


I’m a wee little mischief maker, I am! A mischief maker indeed!


I can be found lurking under your bed, waiting for just the right moment to nibble on your toes. Pinki toes are the best, of course!


If you’re smart, you’ll LEAVE ME SOME CUPPY CAKES!*looks at Maci and Tiggy* That just MIGHT keep me from the toe nibbling.


Why am I here taking over Shiloh’s blog, you ask? *Glances over at Shiloh as she sits bound to a chair with a ginormous lollipop stuck in her mouth* I’m here to help out my friend Eku! She made me and I want to thank her by helping her fix that head of hers!


You can find me and my three brothers  in Eku’s tent at Unhinged. Take us home and let us… well… JUST TAKE US HOME OK? *grins and giggles manically* I promise we’ll behave.

Here’s your carriage to Unhinged!


Focus | Jump! poses

Picture Me Pretty | Love Me poses

Posession | Dolce