Suspended in Dusk: Horrorfest is Looming

October 18th is almost upon us, and that brings with it the opening day of Horrorfest 2013!

Suspended in Dusk: Horrorfest 2013

Here’s a list of what you can expect:

  • Over 120 ghoultastic designers
  • A Spooktacular Hunt,
  • Creeptastic Gachas
  • Exclusive Charity Only Items
  • A Horrific Bash
  • and Ooooodles more…

This year’s event is supporting The Epilepsy Therapy Project and the Horrorfest crew hopes to surpass it’s $2,000.00 goal!

So come for a visit between October 15th and November 8th, don’t be afraid. We won’t bite… hard.

What’s What

Skin:  Jolie | Nachmahr Skin | Horrorfest 2013

Hair: Truth | Colbie

Eyes: Avatar Bizarre | Retinal Polish | Horrorfest 2013

Nails: Wicked Peach | Muted Fall nails for SLink Avatar Enhancement

Collar: S. E. | Elegant Throat Corset | Horrorfest 2013

Dress: SchadenFreude | The Boozle Dress | Collabor88

Horns: Keystone | Mallum Horns | Horrorfest 2013

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