Basic B*tches: A Skittles Meme

Ms. Unicorns and Rainbows herself (Skittles) decided that she was going to give us a meme to chew on and this is one that I actually found quite easy to do! Our mission, to blog about the basic items we can’t leave home without in SL.  Easy peasy, right?

For the record, these shots have extremely minimal editing because I wanted you to get the true flavor of the items I’m wearing. ❤

Basic B*tches_002

We’ll start at the top and work our way down, yes?

Hair: Up until recently I was strictly a Truth kinda girl. In brown’s I wore espresso, in red’s I wore Jupiter and since I’ve gone blonde, Oasis is my go-to color. Lately though I find myself wearing more and more Exile hair (American Woman in Vanilla shown above).

Skin: I will admit, I have a skin collection that rivals Lucie Bluebird’s, but in the past year I have pretty much been a straight Izzie’s girl, with the occasional daliance with Aux and Glam Affair. However, last night I purchased my very first Laura Hurley skin (Lina in Milky shown above) and I think I now have a new everyday favorite.

Shape: Mine – ever changing and all mine.

Eyes: Well, I’m not much of an eye person. I’m kind of lazy at it really. I mostly wear Curio‘s Tragic Ocean eyes because well… why not?

Lashes: Ok, I may be the only blogger on the planet that fails at mesh eyelashes but I cannot, for the life of me, get them to look good in a photo. My solution? I have this set of tattoo lashes that I got EONS ago in a skin set I got from Curves Shapes and Skins, and I just love them. The one’s I wear the most are Lashes 3.

Lips: I mostly wear a nude lip for everyday wear. A few months ago Izzie’s released a set of Glossy Lip Highlights that have become a staple in my beauty regime.

Jewelry: I rarely wear anything but Maxi Gossamer jewelry. I love Maxi’s style and the fact that she has a jewelry set for just about any outfit you can dream up. It truly is THE place to go for that perfect accent to a cute outfit. Today I’m wearing a favorite, the Marrakech Heart. This one also happens to be available in RL on Maxi’s Shapeway site!

Basic B*tches_001

Movin’ on down…

Undies: Ladies we have all been there, you’re wearing that cute new mesh dress, you’re at a party and you take a seat trying to look all cool and collected and HELLO… your cookies are out there for all the world to see! Mhmm, you know it’s true. I wear undies just about every single day in SL to avoid that kind of embarrassment. (Izzie’s Jolie Bra and Panties in Rose pictured above). Now, my favorite color is pink and as my dear friend Skylar likes to point out every single damn day, the pink panties don’t look much different from my cookies. Hence my new nickname, Cookie. Thank you Skylar.

Shoes: You will rarely, if ever, see me without  my Gos shoes, or my Gos arched bare feet. (Gos Grace Sandles in Mirror shown above).

YAY that was fun! Thanks Skittles for the Meme and I hope you do more of them!



P.S. My poses are from Adorkable and are available at Zodiac until the 12th!

3 thoughts on “Basic B*tches: A Skittles Meme

  1. You are not the ONLY one that has trouble with mesh lashes! And I WANT to wear them SO badly, but I don’t know if it is my viewer, some setting that I am not aware of, my graphics card (ATI) or WHAT, but they just look spiky, harsh and messy to me. I always retreat to my favorite sculpted lashes. (Usually Redgrave or Izzie’s). I have several tattoo lashes, but they just look to “pasted on” to me. But every once in a while…usually after a viewer update, I will pull out the mesh lashes and try, try again…only to revert to my sculpted lashes once more. It IS kinda nice to know though, that I am not the only one….LOL Thanks for sharing.

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