She’s an Artist, He’s an Artist, Wouldn’t You Like to be an Artist Too?

I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve not blogged in almost 2 weeks. Sometimes I get into a blogging funk and nothing seems right. Every picture I take, or sentence I write seems to fall flat.  Welp, I’ve had the song “All Alone” bu F.U.N. in my head all week so I figured that was maybe my muse trying to give me a kick in the ass to start taking pictures and blogging again.  I started taking these photos with that song in mind, but then my thoughts drifted into another direction, one that I’ve been thinking about for weeks now. So, here we go…

I Feel So All Alone 1

It used to really bother me when artistic minds in SL would look down on fashion bloggers, acting like what we do is nothing more than frivolous, glorified advertising. Having been on both sides of the fence (in a former SLife I was an SL “artist” who actually had several showings in various galleries on the grid) I can honestly say that fashion blogging takes just as much creative ingenuity as many other artistic avenues in SL.

Many fashion bloggers create extremely imaginative sets to show off the stunning creations of designers, just as any other artist would paint scenery. Some sets take us all week to put together everything exactly as we see it in our mind’s eye, while balancing new designers, new releases, and many other unseen influences in order to create our blog. (Unless you are INSANELY creative like my friend Skylar who put together this “set” for me in under an hour – she’s amazing.) Putting together a cohesive look is also it’s own type of challenging creative endeavor, as my dear friend and awe inspiring artist Whiskey Monday discovered last week. Finding the right accent pieces to create an interesting outfit takes a special kind of flair.

I Feel So All Alone 2

I guess what I’m trying to say is that just because we list the details of the items that we use in our photos in order to give credit where credit is due, it doesn’t mean that we are any less artistic or creative. Many of us work hard to to learn new skills and push the boundaries of our knowledge to create better pictures in order to evoke real emotion from our readers.  And we do it for the same reason a painter continues to pick up the brush, because we love it. It’s just what we do.

I am not mentioning this to be snarky or bitchy, or to try to downplay one thing over another. Anyone who knows me knows I embrace art in all shapes and forms. I simply want to call attention to the amount of time, creative energies, and resources that it takes for us fashion bloggers to provide that pixelated canvas. To say “hey we are artists too,” even if maybe in a slightly different sense (although I don’t really think it is that different). And that SL is such a large place that there’s room for all kinds of “artists.” After all, the entire purpose of SL is to give a breeding ground to creativity of all kinds, is it not?

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Izzie’s | Holly in Porcelain

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Sunny | faMESHed

Dress: Tee*fy | Odette Dress | faMESHed

Tiara and Earrings: Maxi Gossamer | Everyday Tiara Pearl Heart | faMESHed

Shoes: L’Aph | Ballet Flats

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Patience Heart Watch Pendant

Eyes: Curio | Tragic Eyes in Ocean


!Bang | Taurus | Zodiac

The Scene

PILOT | Magon Art Collection

Thistle Hope | Never Give Up Wall Art (cm)

POST |Afterburner Occasional Table (R)

[we’re CLOSED] | drowsy chair pure V2

{af} | Let’s Play Scrabble

{what next} | Nieve Rug

{what next} | Novelle Rug

Trompe Loeil | Timeless Kitchen Counter {Adult} Teal

floorplan. | antique telephone gacha / sky

Creative Decay | Dreams Table & Chairs

floorplan. |  kitsch wall plates

Culprit | Rustic Cottage Pinkidoo

2 thoughts on “She’s an Artist, He’s an Artist, Wouldn’t You Like to be an Artist Too?

  1. I’ve seriously had this same thought recently. I’ve had it both about fashion/home bloggers vs. the SL “artists” and also with the neverending discussion of template mesh vs. original mesh. I think that creating great mesh is an incredible talent, but I also think being able to effectively texture said mesh is an incredible talent. Some people are fortunate enough to be amazing at both creating the mesh and texturing it, but not everyone possesses the same skill sets. So, why shouldn’t those who can texture someone else’s amazing mesh be able to do so without the judgement that seems to be passed down so readily?

    I can’t do either. I’m not built for it, and I know it. Some things can be learned, and some things can’t. Could I learn how to make mesh or learn how to texture? Sure. Could I ever be great at it? Nope. And why shouldn’t those who excel at rigging and building mesh objects have the chance to profit off those skills? Especially when they don’t also excel at texture work? Why shouldn’t they get the chance to see what other artists can do to their creations?

    I get being frustrated by seeing something identical all over the grid… but I don’t think it has to be that way, when someone who is amazing with texture work gets his or her hands on templates.

    Okay, done with my rant. Your blog post just made me think of this, and I’ve been debating doing a blog post on it myself, and probably will at some point… but I’d need to find someone willing to volunteer they use template mesh because tbh… I often have no clue.

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