Zodiac & The Garden: I’m Losing Myself

Feeling a little melancholy tonight so I’ll skip the cutesie blog-speak and get down to the details. The Taurus round of Zodiac has begun and runs through May 15th and features some incredible creations such as this dress by Lassitude & Ennui and the poses by !Bang.

Taurus and The Garden_1

Also, don’t forget The Garden, this month’s theme is English Tea Party and Isla from Cheeky Pea really brought her A-game with this whimsical garden set.

Taurus and The Garden_2

I can’t go without mentioning the Taurus skin from Essences available now only at Zodiac. With each release I fall in love with Essences skins just a little more, and this is no exception.

Details below the lyrics –

Magic Doors – Portishead

I can’t deny what I’ve become
I’m just emotionally undone
I can’t deny, I can’t be someone else

When I have tried to find the words
To describe this sense absurd
Try to resist my thoughts
But I can’t lie

I’ve been losing myself
My desire I can’t have
No reason am I for

I can’t divide or hide from me
I don’t know who I’m meant to be
I guess it’s just the person that I am

Often I’ve dream’t that I don’t wait
Enjoy the gift of my mistake
Like then again I’m wrong and I confess

The Details

Skin: Essences | Taurus 03 | Zodiac

Hair: Exile | Beyond the Waves

Lashes: R.icielli

Dress: Lassitude & Ennui | Patience Dress | Zodiac

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Alchemy Charm

Decor: Cheeky Pea | Alice Garden Set | The Garden

Poses: !Bang | Taurus  | Zodiac

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