If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird

One of my favorite scenes from the incredibly romantic “The Notebook” is the scene where Alli and Noah are playing in the ocean. The witty, silly and sweet words exchanged between them in that moment actually hold a lot of meaning to me.
If You're a Bird I'm a Bird

To me it means, “I’m with you,” “I’ve got your back,” and “We’re in this together.” And I love the symbolism of the bird – soaring, beautiful and free. That’s what love should be, that’s how it makes you feel. Don’t you agree?

Take care of each other.

Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Glam Affair | Zara (Arctic)

Hair: Truth | London (Oasis)

Dress: So Many Styles | Silky Cherry Blossom Halter Dress | The Boutique

Pose: Exposeur | La Vida Loca | Zodiac

Special thanks to my sweet and ever charming Dark Austen. If you’d like any of the details of his outfit leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. 

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