How Soon is Now? Skin Fair Snow Rabbit Preview

That’s kind of the question I’ve been asking for months. Ever since I saw the WIP (work in progress) video of the Snow Rabbit mesh hybrid avatar. I’m going to try to explain it, but you really have to pop in to Skin Fair this weekend and see to believe!

Skin Fair Snow Rabbit JHC_001

Basically Nea is a beautiful mesh head that has an “animated” face. She smiles, blinks, closes her eyes and all without you having to click buttons to make her do so. Personally, I find the concept extremely amazing and with this first step, I think we are moving ever closer to truly realistic interactive avatars in Second Life. I’m looking forward to see what Snow Rabbit creator Shirousagi Noel does next to improve upon this idea.

Skin Fair Snow Rabbit Expressions

I’ve read and heard some things that I agree could be improved upon this idea: more subtle shading under the chin, better blending into the base skin at the neck, and the ability to change facial shadowing, nose shapes and lips to create a more unique look come to mind. But all in all, I think this is a solid first effort and I am extremely excited for the future of these avatars!

Happy shopping and take care of each other.

Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

Hybrid Avatar: Snow Rabbit | Nea | Skin Fair

Hair: D!va | Flora | Collabor88

Dress: J.H. Couture | Mesh Summer Dress

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer | Santa Fe collection

Hands: SLink | Mesh Hands (elegant)


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