Global Domination: Can You Handle It?!?

I’m all twitterpated (that’s excited in cute speak) about the latest event brought to us by The Hottie Cooterati Experience. Global Domination promises to be an event unlike any other. The masterminds at Hottie Cooterati have devised a quest-like game that takes you all around the world and produces real and valuable rewards from some of Second Life’s most loved creators at the end of the journey!

In order to play, you much purchase a passport at any of these participating stores starting very soon (today or tomorrow hopefully!). Passports will be $300L until February 14th, when they will go up to $400L, so get your passport early! Each of the passport locations will be offering a special gift to entice you to purchase your passport at their locations, so make your choice wisely!

To stay up to date with the passport and general Global Domination news join the Hottie Cooterati Experience group inworld, or follow them on PLURK!  Your adventure begins on February 14th and lasts until February 28th, don’t miss out!

Take care of each other!



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