50 Shades of Sexy Blogger Challenge: Here’s the List!!

Blogger Challenge: 50 Shades of Sexy!

Are you all ready?! The object of this challenge is to bring sexy and the sensual to the front and center by highlighting some of the gorgeous lingerie that is offered by our Second Life fashion designers.

For the original description click HERE.

Post your photos HERE.


Week 1. Cotton Candy
Week 2. Better than chocolate
Week 3. Sexual Healing
Week 4. Pour Some Sugar On Me
Week 5. Bad Romance
Week 6. Intoxicate Me
Week 7. Agent Provocative
Week 8. bound
Week 9. Pillow talk
Week 10.Discipline
Week 11.Sheer Anything
Week 12.Indescribable
Week 13.Make me lose my breath
Week 14 Strip Your Inhibitions
Week 15. Afternoon Delight
Week 16. Bump and grind
Week 17. Stripped
Week 18. Peek a boo
Week 19. Satin and lace
Week 20. Dangerous blazing fury
Week 21. Fade Into You
Week 22. Leather and Lace
Week 23. Sensuality Unleashed
Week 24. Bad Girls Wear Bows
Week 25. Voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir
Week 26. Flannel
Week 27. Feathers and floggers
Week 28. I’ll take you the candy shop, I’ll let you lick the lollipop
Week 29. I’ll Be Your Fantasy
Week 30. Black Velvet
Week 31. Cheer me on
Week 32. Don’t turn around, the view is nice from here
Week 33. Don’tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Week 34. Like a Virgin / Innocence
Week 35. Macabre
Week 36. Fresh
Week 37. Feel for Florals
Week 38. Red ribbon
Week 39. Slave 4 U
Week 40. A vision in lace
Week 41. Smoldering in Silk
Week 42. I just want your extra time and your…..kiss
Week 43. Vanilla Sky
Week 44. Tangled Up in Sheets
Week 45. Pearls
Week 46. Sweet Like Candy
Week 47. I adore your…
Week 48. Candlelight
Week 49. Maneater
Week 50. Natural Woman

Have SO much fun with this you guys, I can’t wait to see the results!



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