But My Heart Lives Where You Are…

I’ve been around Second Life for some time now, I have had different avatars and lived different SLives. Each and every one of them has been inspiring in its own right. However, I always find myself being drawn back to a time when I was involved in the SL music scene and inspired by the ridiculous amount of talent that dwells within it. One of my very favorite musical artists is PM Bookmite (musician Phillip Mitchell in real life). The man can write a song, wrap it around his little finger, and twist and bend it until it takes on a life of its own.

One of my favorite songs is off of an album called Therapy. The name of the song is simply… Love. Grab your tissues ladies, it’s a tearjerker.


Love by Phillip Mitchell

I know you are hurting
I read it in your touch
I feel close but far away
It’s never quite enough
You read to me last night
And every word was true
Someone else’s old love letters
Open the door to you

Love, love’s waiting here for you
What else can I do to show you?
Love, love shouldn’t shut you out
Or leave you with your doubts
When I can hold you

Remember all this open space
Is just a great façade
Highways run long distance
But my heart lives where you are

And if you change your mind love
And words come spilling out
These tired arms will wrap around
The promise I’m without

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Belleza | Melissa Sunkissed

Hair: Alice Project | Steph

Eyes: Izzie’s |

Tears: Izzie’s |

Lashes: Gaeline Creations | Mysteria Lashes

Shirt: *BeReckless* | Lizzie Sweater Black | XY Room

Nails: Izzie’s | Metal Strip Nails

Pose: exposure | Little Hearts

2 thoughts on “But My Heart Lives Where You Are…

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