CINEMA: Mr. Senator’s Transgression and Repentance

Today’s post is focused purely on two awesome poses I discovered at Cinema 2012. Being a movie buff myself, as I was taking the photos and discussing them with one of my friends, the story of “Mr. Senator” was born.

This hot pose by Bounce This called Yield, featured at Cinema 2012. I wanted to do something a little different from the other photos I’ve seen with this pose, so I went for a contrast of innocence and corruption. I asked Jake to take on the role of “Mr. Senator”  and I was channeling the young intern “Ali” being called out of her house for an emergency “meeting.”  Seems like she’ll be tied up for a while. ‘Eh, see what I did there?


In this next frame, it seems that the Senator’s transgressions have been discovered and his perfectly coiffed trophy wife, “Brenda” looks more than a little unimpressed with his apology. Perhaps she should go Lorena Bobbit on his butt? The pose is by the fantabulous Adorkable Peapod and is called Surrender.


Hmm it looks like Mrs. Senator might have a little surprise in store for her philandering husband. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Adorkable-JH-Laph-Kal-Rau2

Both of these poses are available right now at Cinema 2012. Create your own drama!

What We’re Wearing

Photo 1


Skin: S U G A R | Powdered PrincessPlea | Boho Culture Fair
Outfit: Deetalez | Tops Army Body Sheer Rose
Mesh Breasts: Lolas
Hair: Chemistry | Vines
Feet: Skifija | Feet 2 + 2 Classic Heels V.2.0  mesh bare feet
Photo 2
“Brenda/Mrs. Senator”
Skin: Modish | Bonnie Tan | Boho Culture Fair
Shirt: KC | No. 53 Blouse
Hair: D!va | Sayaka2
Skirt: J.H. Couture | Lori Leather Skirt
Shoes: L’Aph | Leather Heels
“Mr. Senator”
Skin: Belleza | Ewan v2 SK 1
Hair: ::Exile:: | Jackson
Sunglasses: primOptic | Xtrim glasses 1.19
Shirt: <kal rau> | Casual Shirt_White
Pants: INDI Designs | 841 Jeans dark dirty wash
Shoes: [380] | Outlander Boots

3 thoughts on “CINEMA: Mr. Senator’s Transgression and Repentance

    • There are so many goodies, I swear it’s insane! Here’s a quick tip, there is a script gate to keep everyone’s crashing to a minimum so remove your scripted pretties before ya tp over there! 😀 Have a blast and eat lots of popcorn!!!!

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