Boho Culture Fair is OPEN!

Sorry for the tease the other day, I could have sworn it started this weekend. But, alas, I was wrong. Sue me.  OR just get your cute little tushy there right now and spend whatever you have left over after glutting yourself at CINEMA over the weekend!

Boho ArisAris Modish MG Izzie Exile_002

This cute little outfit is from ArisAris and is available RIGHT NOW at the Boho Culture Fair. On my little feet I’m wearing part of another outfit from the fair that I’ll be blogging at a later date. *winks*


This beautiful skin from Modish is another gem you can pick up at the BCF. I love the way it glows! The teary sad eyes are a creation from one of my favoritess, Izzie Button. Izzie’s creations really do so much to add depth and emotion to our avatars. I love them!


See you at the fair!! Hitch a ride!

Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Modish | Kukla Choco Dk | Boho Culture Fair

Shape: Izzie’s | Faith Body Shape

Hair: Exile | Jane in Dusk

Eyes: Izzie’s | Sad Eyes *blue*

Outfit: ArisAris | Queen Bohemian | Boho Culture Fair

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Peace Rocker

Bracelet: Mimi Noire | Wooden Bead Bracelet | Boho Culture Fair

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