We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

When I was in my early 20’s, I was a singer in a local cover band. We fancied ourselves as the angsty messengers of our misunderstood generation and we gave it everything we had. Sure most of the time we played other people’s songs, but we did it with passion as if each and every word, note and riff came straight from our hearts. I still remember someone coming up to me after a set where I did a particularly snarly rendition of “You Ought-a Know,” of Alanis Morrisette fame, and asked me “how does someone so little and perky sing with such a strong, angry voice?” To me, the answer was simple, as soon as I stepped on to that stage, and felt the hot glare of the lights, I became someone else.


No longer was I that quiet young girl that wanted desperately to be accepted, with her innocent face and doe-like eyes. From the first count off, to the last round of applause… I became Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, possessed by the ghost of Courtney Love. And I loved it.


I’ll bet that ‘s probably the reason that I love SL so much. I get to step outside myself and slip into someone a little more creative. Mostly, I think it suits me.

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Faith in Natural with rust lipstick and gold eyeshadow by Izzie’s

Hair: Amandine in Black Coffee from Wasabi Pills

Shirt: Two Tone Slouch Sweatshirt by Mon Tissue for Collabor88

Pants: Jeans Bermuda by Ramel’s

Necklace and Earrings: Aletta Catwalk (open) in Gold by Maxi Gossamer for Collabor88

Boots: Radical in Suede Chamoisee by Maitryea

Eyeliner: V2 Black by Gaeline Creations

Nails: Glitter Nails by Izzie’s

Pose: Guitar Poses by Frozen Poses for XY Room

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