It’s Better to Burn Out than to Fade Away…

Today’s blog isn’t so much about fashion as it is about telling a story. Telling a story with a single photo, to be exact. My dear friend Whiskey Monday, in cahoots with Botgirl Questi, started a really cool weekly photo event last month called Single Frame Stories.

Have you heard of it? If you haven’t, and you love telling a story with your photographs, you definitely need to check it out. Single Frame Stories is all about visual expression and I think it’s pretty much the coolest photography event to come around in a long time. Notice I’m calling it an “event” and not a “challenge.” Challenge sounds too confrontational for what this is, it’s merely expression at it’s purest.

Unfortunately I’ve been a slacker and have only submitted one photo, but I definitely plan on doing more! I know you guys aren’t used to seeing me this “dark,” but I feel like the dark side is where my true creativity comes out. What story do you think I’m trying to tell here?

burn out

And if this isn’t really your thing, stop by anyways and check out what other’s are doing, you may find something that gives you a good chuckle, or strikes an emotional chord!

Single Frame Stories Website

Single Frame Stories Flickr

What I used in this Photo

Skin:  Kimagure Strawberry – Innocent – Depressed Skin

Outfit: .:: Fear Us ::. Straight Jacket / Outfit – Psycho

Pose/Prop: Pandemonium: Ripped Mouldy Bed w/Anims 

Hair: I can’t remember but it was a Hair Fair gift

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