Chess Anyone?

I have to admit… I don’t play chess, as this post will readily show I’m sure.

But, this being our Second Life, we can fashionably glide across *as* any piece we want to be!

Today I’m feeling a little bit at odds with myself.  I have two main interests in SL and not enough time to devote to both.  I also feel like I’m at war at times…and alternating between light and dark.  So with a battle cry ringing in my ears, I give you two looks from the petite side of Bare Rose (or all things costumey and RP for so many of us).


On the side of light is the Cleric for male petite av’s from Bare Rose with June’s signature anime feel to it.  I never rip these apart to mix and match, because of how all the details already work so perfectly.  I think that any roleplayer who wanted to develop an ethereal angel would dig this. The Cleric reminds me of the Bishop piece..and my fellow Harry Potter fans will appreciate the desire to play on a life-sized board.  Included are all the bits like the headpiece, or tiara as it’s named in the folder.  One flappy wing set and one static set are both included along with boots for a very petite price.


If it’s true that the V2 petites are going to require their own sized fashions, I haven’t seen any proof of this for my male av yet.  So far I’ve put him into Dragansvarg and Bare Rose without any trouble.  Maybe it’s only different for girls?
Don’t forget that as a petite, we can’t exchange male and female torso pieces (which is usually the main component for the mesh outfit) because your male will end up with lady lumps. Little male me isn’t ready to be a Queen just yet.


Speaking of the girls… I had to get into the Centaur too, and add a horn to it, just so that I could name it my Knighticorn.  Ok yes, I’ve always loved horses and unicorns and centaurs, so playing both a bishop and a knight was the perfect fit for my chess themed evening.  The legs move when you walk with an included AO and there’s also the full lady outfit with boots and thigh straps if you don’t want to wear the rear end bit.  Centaurs weren’t meant to dance the way that I did, so unless you’re ok with six legs showing don’t try that!  Talk about a horse of a different color… *winks*  Here I’ve added a mesh sword and turned both the petite avatar and the costume on a low shine to get that marble look from head to hooves.


Knight to E5? I so need to watch that Bobby Fischer movie again.  Luckily playing both sides, I win either way 🙂

What both Petite Me’s are Wearing

Female RP Costume: Bare Rose Petite Night Centaur (with a horn that I made)

Male RP Costume: Bare Rose Petite Winged Cleric

Female Petite Avatar: The Plastik, in Lullaby tone

Male Petite Avatar: Yabasuka V2 Male

Female Hair: Tameless, Morganna (black and white pack)

Male Hair: Kin Keiko’s Ryou (white)

Poses: Built in Centaur AO, Gunkata’s from the former Niqotine (now closed)

Get shrunk!

Subversive Vavoom

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