Shedding the Skin I’m In

As a virtual girl, I still carry around all of the same baggage and emotions as my regular flesh and blood counterpart. Some people say they can compartmentalize and keep their worlds completely separate; I am not one of those. I used to kid myself and say, “SL is SL and RL is RL,” but I know better now.

The insecurities that weigh on me in my real life, often plague me in my virtual life as well. The most poignant of these is trust. Due to my lack of trust, my wonderful partner and I nearly lost everything we had built over the last two years.


Fortunately for us, we decided to start over and try and work things out. “A fresh start” is what he asked for, and I willingly agreed. Part of that fresh start included shedding our skins, literally and figuratively.

We let go of the past baggage we were carrying and started anew, and we also shopped together to find new skins to visually solidify our commitment to new beginnings. Our relationship is stronger than ever because of this commitment.

And you know what’s kinda funny? This new skin… it feels more like “me” than my old one. Maybe because I associate the old one with the turmoil of the past?

How does a new skin make you feel inside? Does a new skin sometimes have an effect on your mood or personality, or vice versa?

I’m eager to hear your responses! Please comment below.

Shiloh ❤

What I’m Kind of Wearing

Skin: Estelle Skin (T3) Apparence Skins & Shapes

Hair: .b – Sapphire (Sangria)

Bracelet: Lost Eden Rebecca Gold & Jet by Maxi Gossamer

Necklace: Lost Eden Sun Pendant by Maxi Gossamer

Earrings:  Rebecca Gold & Jet by Maxi Gossamer

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