Though She be but Little, She is Fierce… Fashionably Fierce

Hi guys, it’s time for a quick, little Petite Fashion post once again! Today I’m showing off a sexy little number from Carriage Trade Miniatures called the Caribbean Dress.

I am totally in love with this dress. It’s elegant and playful and you can really pull off a high fashion look with it, which is NOT easy with a Petite.


I’m not sure if y’all are familiar with Carriage Trade Miniatures, and if you aren’t, you are missing out! I was talking to Shenlei, one of the creators, the other day and she told me that they have an inventory of 1800 items for Petites and other small, mesh avatars. That’s insane! I knew the shop was big, but I didn’t know it was THAT big.

The shop runs the gamut in Petite items, it’s really a must see!
I also wanted to mention these adorable poses. They are the XY Room offering from CO*Motion and they come in regular avie and Petite avie animations, which really rocks! Don’t forget the new round of XY Room starts Sept. 1st!

Shiloh ❤

What is Petite Shiloh Wearing?

Avatar: Yabusaka Petite Fairy Avatar with Head D Add-n

Skin: Angel (Dark) from Prim & Pixel

Dress: Caribbean Dress from Carriage Trade Miniatures

Shoes: FM Pumps from Carriage Trade Miniatures

Poses: XY Room special poses from CO*Motion

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