New Beauty from Sister Fate and Petite Shoes in Demand!

It’s no secret I’m a girlie girl, and I love to feel pretty. (Despite what my good friend Kenton said in her post yesterday, I do not make a habit out of kicking people around. Well… maybe only when they need it!) Ahem…when I am in Petite Shiloh mode, the designs from Sister Fate make me feel so girlie and feminine, I just can’t get enough of them.

sf blue dress_003_cropped.png

This is one of their newer releases  the Lani Dress. I wish you could see the way it moves and flutters, I love it! I’m also sporting a new Petite skin from Prim & Pixel called Angel Dark. I wanted something a little more realistic and a little less fantasy looking. I think it’s pretty nice looking on the Yabusaka Head D add-on for my petite.

sf blue dress_002_facecropped.png

sf blue dress_003_topcropped.png

The sparkling Sister Fate design comes with matching shoes which is a godsend, because as we all know, shoes are not in ample supply for Petites.

Goody Goody Two Shoes!

Speaking of Petite shoes, a little birdie told me that a brand new shop will be opening full of… you guess it… only Petite shoes! The pretty little Petite fashionistas have spoken, and Subversive Vavoom heard our cries! Not only are the shoes going to be incredibly affordable, but they are going to support a real life charity as well. Subversive released this today:

Little Miss Goody Two Shoes
Located at ShrinkyDink Petites RP & Hangout
Opening in September (tba)
Featuring quality sculpted and mesh footwear for petites and mircos

Our members of ShrinkyDink Petites RP will be able to snag 2 pairs of 1L shoes every month, with all other shoes costing only 22L per pair.  Special holiday releases in limited editions will also become available for 222L per pair.  Petite costuming and accessories also coming!

Designs will include heels, boots, sandals, vintage platforms, and much more.  Shoes with color tinting pieces will also include the Yabu shoe hud for easier wear and enjoyment.

To get your two pairs, please join our group by visiting the store.  Retired 1L shoes will be placed on the 22L wall and replaced frequently with new ones!
Little Miss Goody Two Shoes supports in first life, a charity that donates shoes and socks to children in need.

Now how about that? Ask and your shall receive, and you can even feel good about your purchase!! Subersive, or Hopper as her friends call her, has a heart of gold. ❤

Now, how about a little Adam Ant, huh? *grins*

Shiloh ❤

What is Petite Shiloh Wearing?

Skin: Angel Dark from Prim & Pixel

Outfit: Lani in Blue from Sister Fate

Hair: Tammy in Swedish from Truth (shrunk down with magic to Petite size!)

Poses: Adorkable – Shy pack – Fashion Voodoo

2 thoughts on “New Beauty from Sister Fate and Petite Shoes in Demand!

  1. Are you saying I deserved that?! PFFT! Haha, its all cool! I know I’ve been little-Miss-consumed lately.

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