Back to School with Fashion Voodoo!

I just wanted to post a quick one with a cute back-to-school look I picked up at Fashion Voodoo. I’m sporting the cutest romper from Nerd Monkey, and the Gothic Backpack from Rivendell (and OMG, have you BEEN to Rivendell? Chock full of delicious goodies for your fashionable selves!)

Both of these items are available at Fashion Voodoo.

Fashion Voodoo_001_cropped

You’ll have to excuse the lines in my photos, I’ve got a new laptop and Photoshop isn’t installed on it yet (a very long story, to sum it up… Adobe customer service kinda sucks!) So I apologize for the less than stellar quality. Oh yeah, and I forgot to take off the”color under cursor thingy.” *Le sigh* it’s been a rough week, can you all forgive me, just this once? ❤

Fashion Voodoo_002_cropped

A-N-Y-W-A-Y-S, the Fashion Voodoo fashion fair is only in town until August 31st, so hurry up and get your goodies while you can. From what I understand, most of what is being offered is exclusive to the event, so once it’s gone it’s gone!

Fashion Voodoo_003_cropped

I hope you all have a funtastic weekend!

Shiloh ❤

What I’m Wearing

Hair: Astrid from Truth in Mocha

Outfit: .::[NerdMonkey*Clothes] – [Romper 6]::. – Fashion Voodoo

Backpack: * Rivendell * Gothic Backpack – Fashion Voodoo

Necklace:  Twin Hearts – SILVER from Maxi Gossamer

Shoes: SKA Sneakers from Catwise

Poses: FLUKE (a little birdie told me they may be closing their doors, so hurry and get them while you can! Fluke will certainly be missed *sad face*)

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