My Closet Woes!

On Plurk last week, I sat back and watched everyone jibber jabber about how they have purged those dastardly, no-longer-fashionable items from their now neatly organized inventories. They were preaching to the choir kids. That is a project that I desperately need to accomplish. I know you feel me.

Not only is my closet in SL just a mess, (not spotless and organized like this closet pose and prop set from Glitterati), but I’m about to get some custom closets put into my RL home. That means my equally disastrous non-virtual closet needs a good going through  as well.

My Closet collage

In order to accomplish these monumental tasks, I decided that putting on my favorite new casual outfit would really get me perked up and motivated! This outfit was an early birthday gift from my hunny, how sweet was that? The mesh shirt is from Monso and, I gotta tell ya, it looks incredible up close and personal. The mesh jeans are from Mon Tissue, and they are the first pair of mesh jeans I’ve owned. Not for lack of trying, believe me! I have tried on every mesh jean demo in the freaking metaverse, but I wanted to find the PERFECT pair and I wasn’t going to settle. So thank you, Mon Tissu, for saving me from further bouts of yearning and frustration. The jeans are… dare I say… perfection! My tushy really looks great in them, doesn’t it? *laughs!*

Ok, well…I guess I should get busy in one closet or the other, and I know I will feel a sense of accomplishment and order when I’m done.

closet final_002-tweaked

Or… [insert long, contemplative, soul searching pause here] maybe I’ll sit here and procrastinate just a little while longer.

Shiloh ❤

What Am I Wearing?

Skin: Estelle Skin (T3) Apparence Skins & Shapes

Shape: My own

Hair: Sapphire in Brunette from Analog Dog

Shirt: My First Shirt from Monso

Jeans: Nora Skinny Jeans from Mon Tissu

Jewlery:Ambition from Mood

Poses: Glitterati

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