Daily Disco

My first guest blog post for petites is a peek into my newest bit of sparkle!  And we all like the sparklies, right?

When it’s time to step out, I’m on the look-out for unique petite creators who can combine the main elements that this outfit provides: unique textures and unusual cutouts.  I don’t want to show ALL of petite Subversive while at the disco, so this is just enough *grins*.  I can’t show off the gams in a long skirt, now can I?  And to cap it off, I have on my favorite petite peep toes in a matching silver satin for some more sparkle. (sooo addicted)

So far I have managed to snag two such outfits from Angel Rae’s Petites , that are both shimmery.  Tonight I’m showing you her latest called Leather and Lace, which is available in a pink, blue, or 8 other colors undershirt,  panties, shorts and skirt.  The lace detailing at the bottom of the shirt portion makes it softer, and the tops are in a soft pastel pallete.  On my darker skin (much too much time on the beach this summer), the lighter tones give it great contrast.  In my first shot you can see the pink one!

The outfit is of course, all mesh with sculpted accessories, which you’ll discover to be the case with many of the new petite items.  I can’t say enough about mesh…it’s just about the greatest thing since Windlight!  While you’ll see me sporting several different petite avatars, my heart belongs to The Plastik.  If you go looking for this avatar, head upstairs to her accessories floor via the lantern TP where you will find it ranging from practically ghost white to this lush dark tone called Lullaby.

While some of my friends call me the Queen of Shrink, I don’t always want to have to hunt for modifiable hair that may or may NOT go down to the right size.  Luckily this little disco diva has discovered that Lelutka’s hair almost always shrinks down perfectly to my petite size along with my $GaNKeD$ jewelry.

What Petite Me Wears to the Disco:

Dress:  Leather and Lace

by Angel Rae’s Petites

Hair: [LeLutka]-ADDISON hair – Arctic

by LeLutka

Shoes: SF* Petites Lucy Peep Toe Wedges – Silver Satin

by Sister Fate

Petite Avatar and Eyes: :[P]:-Petite://Body-Lullaby

:[P]:-Petite://Eye-L-Frozen Soul- Blue

:[P]:-Petite://Eye-R-Frozen Soul- Melon

by The Plastik

Poses: {Just A Pose} Fall Fashion Pose Pack

by Just A Pose

Eyelashes: Party Lashes (mesh) by Maxi Gossamer

Jewelry: $GaNKeD$ Nightdance Jewelry (no longer available, darn it)

and this just in…secret sale (100L) at Boudoir

Forgive this raw shot, as I snapped it just to show you super-quick!  it’s on sale for 100L at a limited time here:

Boudoir Petites

It’s animated *squee* with water and insects and fish! (prim skirt parts) called Petite Lake Nymph.

Wings included.  Run, don’t walk! or swim 😉

See you on the all new petites feed!!!

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