Poses for the Femme Fatale

Has anyone seen the movie Salt? I am not really an Angeline Jolie fan, by any means, but I loved that movie! That is what I felt like when I was playing with these Pistol Poses from Frozen. Rebellious, wild and just a little crazy… yep that describes a woman with a gun pretty darn well, don’t ya think?


For these shots I visited my friend Rayni’s roleplay sim called Valley of Shadows. It’s a dark urban fantasy roleplay sim that is pretty much freeform and they are a super great group of people!


Here comes our Femme Fatale, creeping around the dark corner. Who wouldn’t want to be held up by a saucy blonde hottie hmmm?

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the smokin’ hot leather outfit I’m wearing from DE Designs called Nexxus. I used to be really into dark urban fantasy roleplay and DE was one of the mainstays of my wardrobe, they really nail Second Life fashion. They pay such attention to detail, making their items uber realistic. There are a few choice designers in SL that really breathe life into their clothing, and DE Designs is one of them. I am so glad I returned there yesterday and grabbed this sexylicious corset and leather pants. I can’t think of anything more appropriate to kick ass and take names in, can you?


Now remember, since I’m really showcasing the poses here, I’ve done a bit of fun work with the photographs so they are not raw images. However, DE’s outfits are so highly detailed and professionally created, they look amazing without any help at all!

I took a ton of photos with these last night, but SL was giving me fits and everything was turning out pixely so I just gave up, I’m just glad I managed to salvage these 3 photos so I could get these poses under your nose before they’re gone!

The Pistol Poses pack from Frozen comes with 5 really hot poses, and they can be purchased at XYRoom during the month of August, along with some other amazing goodies, all under 100L!


Shiloh ❤


Pistol Poses from Frozen

Nexxus from DE Designs

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