Tuesdays is My Total Splurge Day!

Alrighty Folks. Well, I must admit, to satisfy my Second Life Fashion role play costume addiction, I frequent the 25L lists so I don’t break the bank. This little ol’ girl usually will pick up outfits in multiple colors, and if I’m paying 400L each, well, you can imagine that my bank account screams!

Today I picked up this little number from On A Lark, who is a regular on the 25L Tuesdays. I have blogged about OAL before, always raving not only about her textures, but the fact her outfits generally come with boots or slippers.


Discovering Destiny also does a fabulous job about multiple layers for clothing, for different looks. So if you are a more modest role player, there is a more modest option. On that flip side, if you’re like me and don’t mind showing your goodies if it fits in with the role play, she has that option too!  This outfit can easily transition from casual everyday SLife, to several role play scenarios.

A side note, this Second Life Fashion blog does not want us to make image changes at all to our pictures, so that we are not hiding the imperfections of the clothing items. However, I did blur out my girls to prevent offending anyone!


On this same shopping run, I also teleported over to Gor Gurls, another favorite shop of mine. And lookie the cute mesh number I picked up there! Again, only 25L folks!


How cute is this?? Complete with those uberly adorable moccasin boots. Below is a close up of those.


So do I really have to say how much I enjoyed my Splurge Tuesday? A few truly adorable outfits for minimal moolah. It’s times like this that I don’t feel guilty in indulging in my Second Life Fashion.

Did you find anything equally adorable on the cheap that you want to let me know about? Send me an inworld message. I’d love to hear from you!

What’s Josian Wearing:

Skin: Leafy – Zan Pure

Shape: Her own

Hair: Truth Mesh Brandy

Eyes: Mayfly

Costume: On a Lark – Maxi, in Fern.

Costume: Gor Gurls: Gor Gets Tribal in black.

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