Arabian Nights, Yeah Baby!

The smell of sandalwood incense hangs densely upon the air. Long swathes of richly hued silks hang at the walls and a girl enters. Her body swirling, she performs an age-old ritual of stomach and hip undulations. First, you notice her outfit. Harem pants, contoured to her body, skimming low on her hips as she dances on the table before you. Next, you notice the way the heavy pendant as it swings against her chest with her movements, matched by earrings and tikka (head piece). *COUGHS*


Okay, so, I got a little carried away with creating the storyline of this outfit. However, isn’t it perfectly luscious? I have a love/hate relationship with mesh in my Second Life fashion. I LOVE the movement of mesh as it lingers against your avatar’s body. GSpot did a killer job in working the curves of my avatar, and Damisi has quite the booty. Speaking of which, that is where my hate of mesh also fits in, as apparently the size standards are not mine, and I’m not quite willing to be over busty and lose some of the buttocks, ya know?

So, mind off my rear and back to the Second Life fashion! The textures of this outfit are amazing, I do love them. I am a bit picky when it comes to my toon and so I did not wear the belly jewelry, as the resizer would be oh-so-much-more-lovely if the sizing would allow X/Y/Z specific resizing like Tonktastic has. To fit the thickness of my stomach made the belly jewelry too wide over my hips. Also, the hanging silks at the hips, I would love the ability to turn the full-bright off, but its no mod. That said, those are truly nitpicking items over an otherwise amazing outfit that is perfect for Arabian, Roman, or Gorean roleplay.



You’ll notice the tiny details that make this outfit amazing.

As always, if you have ideas for costumes in your Second Life fashion and roleplay, drop me a line in-world!

What’s Josian Wearing:

Skin: Leafy – Zan Pure

Shape: Her own

Hair: Truth Mesh Parisa

Eyes: Mayfly

Costume and Jewelry: GSpot Desert Rose

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