Innovative Second Life Fashion Designers Rock!

Don’t we all get tired of the seeing “same old thing” in each and every shop we go to? Sure the textures may change, but when was the last time you saw something truly inspiring and innovative in Second Life fashion?

The answer is… right now!
SS Anim Dress_4 dresses.png
Check out the new SF Petites Animate! Party Outfit. It’s an animated dresses for Petites from Sister Fate! What do I mean by animated? The textures on the dress flow and change as you boogie the night away, creating an amazingly stunning and mesmerizing effect!

Sifra has done it again! Encouraged by the desire to create something truly unique, she created this beautiful line of dresses that come with matching shoes! And yeah, you got it… the shoes are also animated!

Imagine shaking your groove thing at the latest Petite shindig wearing one of these prettiful treats! Not only are they showstoppers, but they are DEFINITELY conversation starters, right?!

Thanks again Sifra, and what will you think of next? ❤

Shiloh ❤

On Petite Shiloh

Dress and Shoes: SF Petites Animate! Party Outfit from Sister Fate

Hair: .Lamb Free Color Swatch Hair (I am so not kidding! It’s way too cute to just be a color swatch, right?)

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