Vintage Fair Pose Sneak Peek: It’s Getting Sexy – and a Little Scary – Up in Here!

Normally here at Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog, we blog about clothing and accessories. When we blog about those topics I prefer to use unaltered images in order to provide you, the readers, with the best possible representation of the item in the photo. There is nothing worse than buying some amazing outfit you saw in a blog and finding that the blogger took poetic license and cleared up the warts and blemishes on the outfit, in order to make her photograph look prettier. I don’t have anything against those who do it, it’s their blog, I just prefer not to.

That being said, I adore manipulating Second Life photographs. Earlier in my SL career I had an avatar who made the SL Art Gallery circuit showing off all the fun I had playing with pixel dolls and Photoshop!  And I will be honest… I miss it! So I have decided to start blogging poses as well as fashion. Forgive me for being a fickle little thing, will you? I can’t help my impetuous nature. I was born this way baby. *winks*

I’m starting off with a little Vintage Fair 2012 sneak peek. The Vintage Fair starts on August 4th and runs through August 29th and features many fabulous designers! I can hardly contain my excitement, you know how I just LOVE vintage wear!!

Is That a Rocket Between Your Legs or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Chandni Khondji of Hopscotch has got to be one of my favorite pose and prop makers. Her creations are never boring, just take a look!


Hopscotch’s Rocket Woman is a wearable prop, which makes it uber convenient on those no-rez sims we photographers struggle with! It has 6 different wearable rockets, with both cute and sexy poses, as well as the individual poses without the rockets to use separately!

Hmmm I sure hope I’m holding on tight enough, this rocket looks fast!


After pondering the set-up for the rocket prop I knew I could go one of two ways, uber sexy vintage pin-up babe (as shown above) or super-silly  and fun (below). I couldn’t decide, so I did both! Tee hee! ❤

The glamorous skin I’m wearing is al vulo Candy in summer sunset cream  from The Dressing Room. In order to give my eyes a little more drama, I made them pop with Kyoot’s Feline eye makeup in Dark Pond.


My mesh hair was a Second Life Marketplace find from Chemistry and I really love it, and the sexy little pin-up girl lingerie set is from Reasonable Desires.

Doesn’t that photo look like one of those cheesy old time horror movie posters? Well… I sure hope spacemen prefer blondes! *winks* Until next time… muahs!

Shiloh ❤

Pose: Rocket Woman from Hopscotch – Available at the Vintage Fair

Skin: al vulo- Candy  in summer sunset cream featured at The Dressing Room

Lingerie: Stella Lingerie from Reasonable Desires

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