Cowgirls Got It, Cowboys Want it!

As I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts, I am currently addicted to Petites. So much so, I have rented my own little petite home at Shrinky Dinks.  I know, you’ve heard me mention Shrinkies more than once lately, and I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I am really just in love with this place!!

After work on Monday I decided it was a beautiful day to inworld to unpack my new horsie from Grendel’s Children and go for a ride around the neighborhood. Can you give me a “YEEHAW?” I unpacked and read (ok, skimmed) the instructions (which I will admit, confused me a bit because really the horse is made for Tiny’s) and eventually just used the Humanoid version and shrunk it down to fit me. Isn’t he precious?

Second Life Fashion - Severed Garden - Josie

My horsie and I proceeded to prance around my little parcel and inspect the grounds of my lovely petite home. I don’t have a name for him yet, but I’m leaning towards Puck. Any other ideas?

Second Life Fashion - Severed Garden - Josie

This cute little cowgirl outfit I’m wearing is Josie from from Severed Garden. Petites and biggies alike, if you haven’t visited this shop you are surely missing out on some of the most beautifully created clothes in Second Life. I am pretty sure that I own about 1/2 of the shop in BOTH sizes.

Second Life Fashion - Severed Garden - Josie

Bubi and Berta, Severed Garden’s creators, pay such attention to detail and never fail to excite me with their whimsical touches, such as the little belt pouch, cowgirl hat, necklace and scrumptious boots that come with this outfit.

The outfit also has a jacket and a vest, as well as some sexy, sexy, short shorts! Can you say… giddy-up? Rawwwr!

Well, my time is up and I am off to enjoy some more of this beautiful day. Much love!

❤ Shiloh

Photo Location: ShrinkyDinks 

What I’m Wearing

Petite Avatar: PETITES +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Royale TRANSLUCENT w/Cherry make-up from starter hud

Entire Outfit: Josie from Severed Garden

Hair: Truth – Estelle in Cherry (Shrunk to Petite Hair)

Horsie: Riding Horses Black & White – box from Grendel’s Children


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