Second Life Fashion Designers on the Move

This past week I received a notecard that nearly sent my world spinning. The note card was announcing the closing of one of my favorite designer’s sims. Of course I sat there, stunned and wondering… what will I do now? One of my “go-to” shops since I joined SL in 2008 was, in my mind, disappearing.  Of course, if I had read the note card more carefully I would have realized this wasn’t the case but.. you know how I am.  *winks*

My reaction? PANIC state central! With so many great designers closing up shop, I assumed the worst! Think hyperventilation/paper bag, yeah, you get the idea.

With only 3 hours left before closing this past weekend I rushed over to J’Adore to grab what I could afford to. I noticed that J’adore’s amazingly talented designer, Ziamelea Loon was on sim so I sent her an IM telling her how sad I was, but that I wished her well in her future endeavors. I received a lovely IM back assuring me that she was not going to stop creating and that she would still have a shop on Marketplace and at Mimi’s Choice. A tidal wave of relief swept over me and I swear I could have kissed her! She also graciously thanked me (and my alts) for being loyal customers for all these years… I thought that was really sweet! Needless to say I left feeling a lot happier than I was when I arrived, and with a much lighter wallet.

Over the next few days I’ll feature some of the goodies I picked up. I hope you enjoy them!

Girl Sailor

After taking the obligatory full body shot in the studio, this first outfit sent me directly to one of the many sailing communities in Second Life and Gogol’s Surf Shack.  I couldn’t resist the chance to inhale the salty sea air and wander around the marina.

Second Life Fashion - J'adore

It’s called the Daniella Dress and it is a part of J’adore’s new line of mesh items.

Second Life Fashion - J'adore

The details are exquisite, the shading and the addition of a sweet sculpted sailor collar and darling spectator pumps really make this outfit stand out.

Second Life Fashion - J'adore

Please note that the shoulders sticking out of he sculpty collar on this photo were the error of the blogger (c’est moi!) and NOT the creator. Hey cut me some slack, no one is perfect and I just LOVED the mood of this picture so much I wanted to include it anyways. LOL!

Photo Location:

What I’m Wearing:

Skin: Mynerva Suzanne Latte FB NB

Makeup: Mynerva Dusk No-Blush

Eyebrows: Mynerva Suzanne Dark Brown Eybrows

Shape: My own ❤

Dress and Shoes: J’adore Danielle Mesh Outfit (at Mimi’s Choice sim – not yet on Marketplace)

Hair: Wasabi Pills Amandine Mesh Hair in Black Coffee

3 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion Designers on the Move

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