It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane it’s a… Mosquito?? No! It’s Super Petites!

As you can probably tell by my oh so witty little title there, I have been venturing deeper into the world of Petites and I have to say – I am LOVING it! Not only are the fashions fun, but all of the people I have met so far have just been amazing. I have also discovered that Petites have an incredible sense of adventure and a stupendous amount of creativity!

This past week I attended yet another party at ShrinkyDinks Petite Roleplay sim and the theme was Super Heros! I mean seriously, how much fun is that? A bunch of pint-sized crime fighters all in one place! If you check marketplace, there really aren’t many petite super hero costumes to be had, so once again we had to reach into our bag of super-tricks and pull out some stuff of our own. And HOLY HOTTIES BATMAN… did the Petite community ever deliver!!

Strider Llewellyn (ariana.farstrider), the owner and creator of S&S Clockworks, took the challenge seriously and created some BAM! POW! looks that would leave the Joker quivering in his crazy, maniacal tracks (and drooling, I might add)!  Here are a few of her creations!

S&S Clockworks - SL Petite Fashions

S&S Clockworks – SL Petite Fashions – Bat Girl

S&S Clockworks - SL Petite Fashions

S&S Clockworks – SL Petite Fashions – Robin

By the time I got around to shopping, there were already a few of each of Strider’s super heros attending and well… I like to be different. Never one to follow the rules, I decided to create a super villan, NOT a super hero! So I dug through my backlog of nerd culture (oh yes, there is a little nerd inside this body, SL & RL) and decided upon the wickedly sassy and sexy Poison Ivy. I found a template online for a Poison Ivy costume but it just didn’t tug at my vine strings, you know? So I decided to design and create my own costume and I have to say, I don’t think I did too bad of a job! But you be the judge:

Second Life Petites - Poison Ivy by Shiloh Selene

Second Life Petites – Poison Ivy

So, in light of the incredible fun I have been having within the Petites community, I have decided that I am going to try to blog Petites at least once a week AND… a little later this month I will be introducing you to a new blogger who’s name you just might recognize. Our newest addition to USLFB is a well known SL model and is now on her way to making the Petite modeling circuit just as popular! Who is it?? You’ll have to wait and see! Stay tuned… same Bat time, same Bat channel. 😉

❤ Shiloh

5 thoughts on “It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane it’s a… Mosquito?? No! It’s Super Petites!

    • Awww thankies Whiskey! I am working on a skin so that I can look even more like the biggie me! Come by the sim again, I have so much more to show you!

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