Small Town Girl in the Big Apple

In RL, I have started working full time and once again find myself surrounded by the steel, stone and chrome of the big city. If you have ever walked around in one of the big US cities like New York, Chicago or LA, you can’t help but be swept up in the vibrant energy the cityscapes radiate. There’s just something about the sounds of the street, the elevated trains, the cars and the thousands of voices that harmonize together to create the symphony of the city. I found a beautiful spot in in SL while exploring with my hunny bunny called Manhattan Reverie that replicates the sights of the big city and the energy I feel.

Shiloh - Mynerva Suzanne Latte FB NB

This look is inspired by that energy. It starts with the sweet and wholesome looking Suzanne Latte FB NB skin created by Mynerva. This is the first Mynerva skin I have ever owned and I am absolutely in love with it. Mynerva’s skins come with so many options in each pack, there is truly something for everyone. You can have freckles, or not… major cleavage, normal cleavage or the “small breasts” verison. The sky is the limit! I’m a sucker for freckles and I just love the way the freckles don’t stop at the face, they make their way down the torso and even have a lovely little beauty mark on the tummy… it’s very enticing *winks*! Mynerva also has some very nice makeups to go with her skins, the one I am wearing in these photos is called “Dusk – no blush.” I would kick myself if I failed to mention the really cool new hair I bought from DeLa. It took me a long time to jump on the mesh hair bandwagon, and I still miss the flow and movement of flexi-hair, but this hair is just so sexy and beautiful I hardly even notice it’s not moving.

Shiloh in the Big Apple

I imagined a young Shiloh, fresh from the suburbs, stepping off the bus and into the big, bad city, determined to make her dreams come true.  Although she is dressed to impress in her very sophisticated Baiastice Mesh Glim Halterneck dress and the so hot Soho boots in Black Suede by Maitryea, one can’t help but notice the contrast between her big city outfit and her sweet, almost innocent face. I really love the dress, I’m not gonna lie. The fit is nearly perfect, they offer so many sizes I hardly had to alter my shape at all to fit. That is a HUGE deal for me, as I tend to be a little curvier in the hip and butt area. I also love the shading on the skirt portion of this dress, it is to-die-for and the Soho boots by Maitryea are made  with the same exquisite quality that this shop is known for. If I had unlimited funds, I would own every item both of these shops have!!

Shiloh and Jake in Central Park

Hmmm looks like things are looking up for me in the big city huh? Well, I am off to do some more shopping.. until next time ❤  Shiloh

What I’m Rockin’

Skin – Mynerva Suzanne Latte FB NB

Hair – =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Moelleux” Dark Brown 4

Makeup – Mynerva Dusk – no blush

Dress – Baiastice Mesh Glim Halterneck

Shoes – Maitreya Soho in Black Suede

Eyes – [Dionysus] – Blue Eyes (have had these forever, not sure if they are available anymore)

Hot Man Arm Candy: Jake Selene ❤

Location: Midnight Manhattan Reverie – New York Inspired Community Sim

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