Welcome to the Freak Show!

DISCLAIMER: Forgive the horrible photos in this post, I am just no good at action shots! ❤

I am going to deviate, somewhat, from focusing on fashion for this post.  Although, there is plenty of fashion to be had in the photos included, I really want to focus on something more important… community. Second Life was built upon the foundation of forming a virtual community of people from all walks of life. Though I am not an “old timer” or an SL pioneer, I know many who are and they often speak about the “good old days” where people actually hung out together, worked together and played together.

It seems that these days, most SL’ers, myself included, are looking for privacy. Private islands, private skyboxes, security orbs, we utilize all of these things to wall us off from the community that the pioneers yearned for. I am not saying it’s right or wrong, I guess I am just wondering why. But… I digress… this blog post isn’t about the changing psyche of the SL user… it’s about community and, well… a PARTY!

Last night I was invited to a party for Petites and biggies hosted by the ShrinkyDink Petites RolePlay group on their sim. This week the theme was Freakshow/Circus and let me tell you… it was so cool! This is a true community of whimsical personalities! I was immediately greeted by the owner Subversive VaVoom (who was dressed as a very smexy petite grasshopper type humanoid) and then just about everyone there offered a hearty “howdy do” and made me feel completely welcome.

Subversive VaVoom

Subversive VaVoom “Grasshopper”

DJ Strider was playing some appropriately circus macabre themed tunes – she even played several Abney Park tunes which endeared her to me even more than her mutli-colored mini-mohawk did! (FYI – Leanna I think of you every single time I hear that band! <3)

DJ Strider

DJ Strider Spinnin’ Tunes!

There was a contest for the most freaky-deaky avatar and let me tell you, there were SO many freaky avatars to choose from!! As I talked to the members, I came to find that most of them had created or modified their freaky-wear themselves! They did so by creating custom skins for their petite avatars, and by shrinking down “biggie” accessories and attachments to create some truly unique and amazing looks! My favorite was JuJu’s crazy clown avatar which she made herself.

JuJu's Petites Crazy Clown Avatar

JuJu’s Petites Crazy Clown Avatar

Since I haven’t tried my hand at creating for Petites, and I accepted a last minute invitation, I quickly perused the marketplace for something suitably freaky that wasn’t going to break the ol’ SL bank. What I found was a super cute outfit from :{*PanDemic*}:  called Immortal Black Petite. I have to admit, it was a great look for just 99L! All I had to do was tint my skin, throw on my crazy Irena hair from Boudoir and… voila… Shi is rockin’ the Freakshow!

I am Rockin' the Freakshow!

Mini-Shi: I am Rockin’ the Freakshow!

After the party my new friend FLY invited me to see her petite home on the sim below the party site. Unfortunately I was having too much fun exploring the sim and finding my way through the landscaping to take pictures but I can assure you the grounds, and FLY’s home, were both beautiful! I am not sure if Subversive did all of the work on the sim herself but, she did a fabulous job. She has some very nice spaces for Petites to rent and I am actually considering renting a space just to have a home to hang out in when I am hanging out with my new petite friends! FLY also told me that the community is really active and they have a lot of fun events and hang out together quite a bit. Now doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun??

I am new to thew world of Petites, but I have to say that hanging out with this group is the most fun I’ve had in SL in a very long time!  (Outside of the time with my hunnybunny Jake, of course *winks*) The freakshow/circus theme ends tomorrow, I think.. so if you want to check it out and get some fun photos on a petite sized octopuss monster ride, or peek at what’s inside the freaky caravans… you’d better hurry!  Visit ShrinkyDinks Petites Circus here!

I hope to see some of you there!

Shi ❤

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