Stand4Love – Love Who You Wanna

Yes, yes, I have come out of hibernation… RL has been monopolizing so much more of my time lately, and the small amount of free time I have had has been spent with Jake, the amazing man in the picture.  I am terribly sorry for neglecting the blog, and I hope to get back to it slowly but surely. What was important enough to drag me out of my bout of real-life-itis? (Don’t get too close, it IS contagious!) My dear friend Whiskey Day  (her blog Whiskey Shots is top notch) turned me on to this amazing movement in Second Life called Stand4Love. Stand4Love is a movement that supports the rights of LGBT’s to be able to love who they love…. marry if they wanna… and share the same rights that the rest of us have. This fight is near and dear to my heart. In RL I have been a volunteer for various charitable, medical and political efforts in the gay community in since my late 20’s.

Why you ask? Why would a (then) single, straight young mother without 2 pennies to rub together sacrifice her precious free time fighting for causes that would not seemingly directly affect me? Because I truly believe that as a society we need to embrace our differences, and celebrate our diversity. Essentially… we need to love one another… and I can’t sit idly by while other people force their prejudices upon the masses. So, I volunteer, I blog, I Facebook, I tweet… and I support the LGBT community as often much as I can. I am proud to say that my daughter has grown up to be an advocate for the community as well… but that amazing girl is another story.

It sickens me to hear people, mainly politicians and bigots, say that the LGBT community will be the end of the “family.” Let me tell you… I have seen first hand the effect that a committed gay couple has on the “family,” and it’s fucking incredible. I live in a neighborhood of Chicago known as Boystown… and my neighbors, we’ll call them Mark and Jose, have been faithfully committed for years. They are the most kindhearted, loving couple I have ever met and I love them both dearly. Last year, after trying for what seemed like ages to them, I’m sure… they were blessed to be able to adopt twin girls. There have never been two more loved little girls in the whole world, I swear. Jose arranged with his employer to work from home, so he is home with the girls each and every day, while Mark works outside the home. Sounds pretty conventional, yeah? I often see Jose in the elevator with the girls and their ginormous stroller heading out to lunch, or for a walk along the lake… and the girls are always smiling while their Daddy dotes on them. It is heartwarming and I cherish the moments when I am lucky enough to be in the company of this beautiful family.

I know, I’m rambling… so I’ll hop off my soapbox and share with you the information about Stand4Love and  you can see for yourself how worthy this cause is. Everyone should be able to marry the person that completes them and makes them whole… being able to love who you want to love w/out fear is a basic human right… not a privilege reserved only for the “society norm.”

Click the logo, stop by their site and take a stand…

2 thoughts on “Stand4Love – Love Who You Wanna

  1. Well said! I’ve always felt that a lot of the appeal of Second Life is being able to fall in love with who someone is inside, with who they choose to be, regardless of RL appearance. If that held true for our judgment in RL as well, both for our own loves and the loves of others, we would be a much happier people.

  2. Thanks so much Pandora! I appreciate the comment, sometimes when I am passionate about something I tend to ramble on and not make much sense. It’s good to know you understood and feel the same. Love is for everyone! xoxoxo

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