Get Your Wenchie On!


See now, aren’t we just a delicious ball of wenchie-lisciousness in our Second Life Fashion?

Just close your eyes (well, don’t really, because then you can’t read my totally amazing uberly fantastic scenario setup), and imagine the dull rhythmic thuds against the boat’s hull from the waves. The stench of the seaweed and fish, saltwater and stale ale. The sounds of pirates singing in their drunken states songs about lusty wenches <insert cute above wench here>. “Yo ho Yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!”


Or perhaps in a medieval tavern, dimly lit as you sit at the bar and have a bar maid <again, insert the cutey patooty here> slide over a frothy mug of ale, making sure her cleavage is bountifully hanging out for your perusal.

*COUGHS* I swear I’ve not done that. (Totally lies but you knew this already, didn’t you?) Onward to the Second Life fashion part of this blog!

As you can see from the untouched images, the textures on this set are very nice. I love the way the blouse shows her decollete’ without being too much. Is there such a thing as too much? Oh yes. I’ve hit it. Loved it. Got the t-shirt – extra decollete please! The skirt hangs nicely as well. No pixelated vortex of primmyness to be had here.

Suggestions would be: 1) Make the skirt’s resizer script include both wide and deep. It’s a great service for us avatars that have some curves to our frames. 2) Make the resizer script deletable afterwards! 3) Make the skirt modifiable for those stubborn pieces to lay just so over my ghetto booty.


Next up is this delectable necklace I included with the set. This is from Silent Woods and well made. I rather like it!

Let’s see hear from you folks what your Second Life fashion preferences are!

What She’s Wearing:

Pose: Vista Sweet Chica AO

Josian’s Skin: League Sunkiss Blonde Taylor

Josian’s Outfit: Hudson’s Clothing Co. – Peasant Wench Dusky Dress

Josian’s Jewelry: Silent Woods Risara Necklace

Josian’s Hair: Truth Clara blonde – Heavily modified for tinting and placement.

Josian’s Shape: Her own.

Josian’s Background: At the Penketh Settlement medieval role play sim.

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