Be it medieval or gorean, get your texture high here.

So what’s in store for us today in Second Life fashion, in the role play world? Xanadu – that’s who? Oh yes, corny but I went there.

In all seriousness, this outfit is simply divine, I love the way the textures crackle and fade, depending on where it lies on the dress. It reminds me of the Septarian mineral, which is also known as Dragon stone. The colors are fabulous, as well as the dropped waist with the bow. Now, I’ll have you know that generally bows are NOT my thing, but this one is totally do-able. Unlike Shiloh, I am not the girlie girl type, but we both love a great second life fashion.

For a Gorean lady, to keep her status, she’s not to show any skin at all, and this dress definitely fits that bill. Complete coverage without feeling like you are one of those walking tents. Tip please! 20% minimum for lack of forced collar.

Again, details are a must. I love the little feather dangly on the knit scarf. It’s just enough pop to give it some style and movement. The skirt is tasteful in its flexi, lightly moving. 

So, as with anyone interested in Second Life Fashion, and the wonderfully creative world of role play, check out Xanadu for your role playing needs.

What She’s Wearing:

Pose: Vista Sweet Chica AO

Josian’s Skin: League Sunkiss Blonde Taylor

Josian’s Outfit: Xanadu Haven Free Woman Dress

Josian’s Hair: Fri.Day Jules Anxious blonde – Heavily modified for tinting and placement.

Josian’s Shape: Her own.

Josian’s Background: At the Penketh Settlement medieval role play sim.

2 thoughts on “Be it medieval or gorean, get your texture high here.

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