Juicybomb Crush on You Event – Hurry, Hurry!

Second Life fashion blogger extraordinaire, Gogo, has put together a special shopping treat for all fashionistas. I’m a bit late on the post, and the items are supposed to be geared towards valentine’s day, but honestly they are suitable for any day of the year! Just teleport to Malt and start perusing the quaint little stalls filled with goodies from your favorite shops.

There are lots of gifts set out as well, not the kind you let sit in your inventory either. They’re lovely! I’ll stop babbling now and let you have a look at some of the goodies and gifts that I found!

Pink Party Girl!

I have never shoved anything that I’ve received from Fishy Strawberry, bought or gifted, into the dark abyss that is my unused inventory. FS designs are consistently fun, well made, and colorful! Her gift for the Crush on You event lived up to those expectations! If you look closely you can see the beautiful paisley design on the shirt, and the back is gorgeous and open with a few little strings. It’s super adorable, I wish I had gotten a shot of it! The skin I’m wearing is from Nvious by GG, and I very, very rarely will deviate from my LAQ skins, I can’t help it, I love, love, love the LAQ tummies! However, this skin with it’s delicate features and glorious tummy highlighting (which you will see in the lingerie shots below), made me start rethinking my brand loyalty. Oh, fashion is such a fickle thing!

Second Life Fashion: Juicybomb Crush On You

Outfit: Juicybomb Crush on You gift from Fishy Strawberry

Skin: Juicybomb Crush on You gift from Nvious by GG (Ally)

Hair: Georgiana (Java) from Truth

Eyelashes: R.icelli Eyelashes Tattoo

Necklace: Earthstones Love Always Necklace

Send Me an Angel

Ok, call me a dork if you must, but when I put these adorable wings on from ~+Flirt+~, I couldn’t help but imagine myself walking all gazelle like down the glitzy Victoria’s Secret runway, hips swaying, assets bouncing, you know what I’m talking about… tell me you weren’t thinking it too! Unfortunately, it would be more like this – me walking down the runway, all Bambi-legged and klutzy, tripping over my own two feet and ending up in Tim Gunn‘s lap as he watched from the front row. (Ha ha! Whiskey can you fit Tim Gunn into your blog post??)

Well at least good ol’ Tim would get an up close and personal look at this adorable panty and bra set from Minx Designs before I ran, red-faced and mortified backstage.

Second Life Fashion: Juicybomb Crush On You

Outfit: Juicybomb Crush on You Gift from Minx Designs

Wings: Juicy Crush on You Gift from ~+Flirt+~

Shoes: Hoorenbeek Stiletto

Ring: Juicybomb Crush on You Gift from ohmarie (mesh heart ring)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

What can I say, I saw it and I HAD to have it. Normally I’m not one for brightly colored outfits, but I saw this new Lovelace lingerie set from Katatonik and it just begged me to buy it. What? You’ve never had clothing talk to you? Whatever!! I put it on and it made me feel a little giggly, a little giddy and a whole lot of mischievous! Look out Jake!

Second Life Fashion: Juicybomb Crush On You

Outfit: Lovelace Lingerie from Katat0nik

Shoes: Juicybomb Crush on You Gift from Crazy Pastry

The Juicybomb Crush on You event on Malt ends Feb. 18th so get over there tonight and pick up your goodies and shop ’til you drop!

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