12 Days of Lingerie Day 8: Upside Down

Shiloh is out having real world fun, and asked me to hold down the fort here. So, since I’m in charge, I’m going to turn things upside down and backwards!

I recently got a computer that can handle shadows. These pics are my very first view of the Second Life world with shadows enabled. I’ve got a lot to learn. It’s not just a matter of enabling shadows and snapping a pic! Why can’t things be easy?

One thing that’s easy is finding good deals on Second Life fashion. This lingerie I’m wearing is being sold at Collabor88 this month. From Whippet & Buck, the Tess Underthings set comes in 6 colors for 88L each.  There are several incredible designers involved each  month at Collabor88, and I seldom leave without having bought at least half of the items available.

When Shiloh started the Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog, one request she made was to post un-photoshopped pics that accurately show the fashion we’re posting. So, these shots have been cropped, and nothing else. I hope you can make out the detail on this set, as it’s quite sweet and very well done.  Whippet & Buck nails it, every time.

I nailed it too. Good form, smooth transition. Just couldn’t stick the landing.

What I’m Wearing:

Skin: Curio

Hair: Dylan from Fri.day

Lingerie: Tess from Whippet & Buck 


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