12 Days of Lingerie Day 6: Firework

xFAILx I know I know, please forgive me. I have failed the lingerie challenge. But please believe me when I say I am trying my best. Sometimes RL just gets in the way, you all know how it is, right? So, today I was planning on giving you a double feature with days 6 and 7, but I am just so, so tired and I don’t want to deliver a second rate review. I will catch up tomorrow!

Day 6 is a gorgeously feminine little outfit that just begs for romance. This Sweet Nothings lingerie from Mon Cheri in midnight celebrates all that is old hollywood, glamour and the feminine. So many times when designers try to do “sparkles” or rhinestones on an outfit, they end up looking flat and stretched. Freya Oliveri does an amazing job with these jewels, they look so realistic, I can almost see them shimmer. By know you all should know that I am a stickler for “finishing.” Finished edges are must on any Second Life fashion piece I wear. If a designer doesn’t take the time to finish the edges, it kind of makes me feel like they don’t have much pride in their work. But hey, that’s just me, and this outfit is finished perfectly.

Second Life Fashion

Freya also provides you with multiple layers and different ways to wear the outfit. Here are a few options:

Second Life Fashion

I thought this look was particularly sassy. I love the bra top with the little skirt!

Second Life Fashion

This combination is so damn hawt! I had to strategically cover most of it with my hair, however, the pasty layer consists of little jewels covering the breast, kind of in the shape of a firework burst. So naturally, it made me think of Katy Perry and her song Firework!

What I’m Wearing:

Lingerie: Mon Cherie Sweet Nothings (Midnight)

Hair: Truth Cassandra (Espresso)

Skin: LAQ Thea (Nougat)

Teeth: Redgrave

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