Eat Your Role Play Lovin’ Hearts Out!

Welcome to the wonderful world of immersive role play gear. Tour provided by moi, Josian, an experienced role player for the last four years. Where has the time gone!

First stop on our tour is the world of Gorean free women gowns. There are thousands of gowns out there in the vast world of Second Life fashion creations. Being the texture snob that I am, and Shiloh will tell you that you’ll never see me in fru-fru or pink (although she’s certainly tried!), I detest most of the medieval or Gorean dresses out there. They are unrealistic, poor textures, massive skirts that would be cumbersome to wear. However, if you search hard enough, you will find a few texturally amazing treasures in this vast ocean of fru-iness of Second Life fashion. Oh yes, I just made that word up.

One of my favorite designers is On A Lark. The outfit I’m wearing today is one of hers, called Snug in Harvest color. See Shiloh – no pink. I absolutely love the detailing of this outfit, from the laces of the belt and corset to the boots. Think real laces here folks, not those painted on ones.

Something else that sold me on this outfit is the movement of each piece. The realistic sway of the skirt, the fantabulous ripples of the fur tassels, corset topper and belt.  Seriously, have you ever seen anything so delectable? This is realistic prim movement perfection.

The designer, Discovering Destiny, seriously considered all of the details of this outfit, and its turned it into quite the masterpiece as most of her clothing is. Another thing I love about it is that she’s added the boots and shoes to most outfits. Allowing you to get exact matches for your outfits. Her prices are also extremely reasonable with the entire outfit at 350L.

Now, take a gander at these sexaaay boots. Leg warmers, leather, fur, and corset ties…oh my. I’m in texture heaven. All of her clothes are shaded beautifully. What more could a Gorean free woman or medieval peasant ask for in her Second Life fashion?

What are your favorite Second Life fashion designs for Gorean or medieval role play? I’d love to hear from you!

What She’s Wearing:

Pose: Vista Sweet Chica AO

Josian’s Skin: League Sunkiss Blonde Taylor

Josian’s Outfit: On a Lark Snug Harvest

Josian’s Hair: Truth  Clara Blonde with Roots – Heavily modified for tinting and placement.

Josian’s Shape: Her own.

3 thoughts on “Eat Your Role Play Lovin’ Hearts Out!

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